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Aug 3, 2009 08:17 AM

Need to send food to family sitting shiva in West Newton

Hi Boston Hounds.

I need to send food to a family sitting shiva in West Newton. Would you please recommend a place? I looked on Yelp and saw Rubin's Kosher Restaurant and Barry's Village Deli. Which one is better, or do you have another recommendation?

Thank you!
DC Deb

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  1. I did a search on "Barry's Deli in Newton" and got several hits. The one below raves about Michael's in Brookline, which is not far from Newton. You could call and ask about delivery. I've heard good things about Barry's but haven't been there myself.

    1. Barry's would be fine and is very close by. Note that Barry's is NOT kosher.

      1. I second Barry's. Kosher may not be an issue for the family, but check first.

        1. Barry's, Zaftigs, Baker's Best, even WholeFoods-- really the point is to provide food that can be eaten standing up and can last out on a buffet for a period of time.

          If I am not attending shiva, I always send a basket from Zabar's in NYC or Zingermans in Ann Arbor. Both put together some amazing stuff to nosh on and can overnight it.

          1. Barry's is very popular among Newtonites, plus the people are nicer than at Rubin's.