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Aug 3, 2009 08:14 AM

Dives in St. Pete area.

I'm gonna be batching it for a few weeks next month and am looking for inexpensive dives to try.
Any kind of food works for me, burgers, wings, ethnic, anything. Since I'll be alone I'm NOT interested in expensive places just good food. Please no chains McDonalds and Golden Corral don't cut it :) Help me find those "hole in the wall" places everyone loves. Asian, Mexican, Italian, seafood... ANYTHING.

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  1. Diner 437- not a dive but excellent food at excellent prices. It's at 437 Central downtown. El Cap for cheap burgers and beer on 4th St. I don't live in St Pete but most of the St pete folks love ABC Seafood for Chinese.

    1. It's not St. Pete, but don't forget Ted Peter's in Pasadena for good smoked fish and Mid-Peninsula Seafood at 600 49th St. S in St. Pete for all kinds of seafood pretty much cooked however you like. For some southern home-style, try the Picadilly Cafeteria on 34th St. N. at 22nd Ave. N. For mexican, I have been going to El Maguey lately on 66th St. N one block south of Park blvd.

      1. Jade Bistro on Park St. has some of the best Vietnamese food I've had outside of the Slanted Door in San Francisco--their Shaking Beef is to die for and their oyster appetiser is phenominal. It's in a strip mall and doesn't look like much, but the food is great.

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          perfect I'll try it. That is what I'm looking for... hard to find GREAT places to eat. Since I've only lived here a year I don't know all the places, and the "hole in the wall" places is what I miss most about up north. I knew every place, where I lived and now I gotta find those types of places again. Thanks for the heads up, it will be on the list.

        2. I can't say enough good things about Zurritos on Central Ave. I'm a big fan of their fish burritos and fish tacos, plus they have a mighty tasty mango salsa and a great beer selection.
          Also, Butlers BBQ just off of 9th St. in St. Pete has some fantastic Carolina BBQ. Try the chopped pork sandwich with the sweet heat pickles and a side of hush puppies ... oh, buddy!