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Aug 3, 2009 08:05 AM

[SAT] High Tea in San Antonio?

Is there a good high tea place in or around San Antonio? I really miss the Four Seasons and Driskill high tea experiences and hoping to find a decent place locally.

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  1. I'm English and there really isn't anythng very English about San Antonio (except for a couple of pubs). Mad Hatters in the King William has a sort of tea service and Gunter House is genteel but they don't do tea.

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      I have heard of Mad Hatters, but from the look of their website it looks more like a college kids place. I will definitely give it a try though... maybe this weekend!

      Thank you for your recommendation bronwen!!

    2. The Westin Riverwalk offers a formal Afternoon Tea starting at about 3:30. I'm not sure of the exact days, though. I'd suggest you give them a call.