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Aug 3, 2009 07:59 AM

Touring Seattle and Portland

Hello Pacific NW 'Hounds:
We'll be touring Seattle and Portland in the coming weeks and wanted recommendations for restaurants, bakeries, markets, etc., that specialize in local and artisanal food. I've been perusing the board and know of many of the main attractions; however, I wanted to hear of locally grown, cooked, and/or produced favorites. Also, I would appreciate any recommendations for parks or plazas where one could serenely and elegantly picnic. It's my first time to these cities and I am nothing less than rhapsodic. (I'm from Philly, and while we have amazing food, we have no trees nor interesting topography.) Thank you in advance.


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  1. Depending on where you are in Seattle the Volunteer Park in Capitol Hill is great (Excellent view of the Space Needle, nice conservatory and you can check out the Seattle Art Museum) . To eat in the area you can pick up a picnic at the Volunteer Park Cafe or Baguette Box

    If you are South there is Lincoln Park in West Seattle and you could stop at EAT's to pick up something This will give you great views of Elliot Bay.

    You could also go to the Kubota Garden down South which is an amazing Japanese Garden you could stop at Smarty Pants in Georgetown for food.

    In the northern part of town there is Golden Garden's Park for a view of the Sound or the Ballard Locks (fun to watch the boats going through the Locks and a nice garden there as well). and you could stop at Paseo for food

    Downtown there is Salumi for sandwiches or Pike Place Market to pick up just about anything (check out DeLaurtenti's deli in the market) and you could take the food to the Freeway Park behind the Convention Center (not that exciting, but in the area if you are downtown and want to stay there) or up to the Olympic Sculpture Park (recommended) for views of the Sound and cool art. You can also get food right there from Taste which is good.

    Macrina Bakery in Belltown is good

    Hope you have a great time.

    1. Speaking for Portland, my pick would be the South Park Blocks, which would be especially easy if you do it on the same day as when you visit the PSU Farmers Market on Saturday.

      Are you looking to prepare food yourself, or do you want food that you can take on-the-go to places like the park and what not?

      Frankly, any visitor will do well if you do a one-day meal itinerary that goes from breakfast at Ken's Artisan Bakery to lunch at Evoe to dinner at Laurelhurst Market.

      In return for all of this super secret insider info, I'd like a cheesesteak from D'Allesandro's, some birch beer, a case of Yuengling, roast pork from John's and a Ryan Howard rookie card. :D

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