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Aug 3, 2009 07:47 AM

Glendale Restaurant Recs- PLEASE!

I am new to the area, just having moved from the restaurant mecca of Beverly Blvd. I need some serious foodie recs for great food in Glendale. Ambiance is NOT a requirement- it just has to be authentic! Any price point is fine, from cheap eats to fine dining. I've already heard about Palate, Portos, and I am a huge fan of Raffi's already. What are the best restaurants for: Italian, Mexican, Thai, Indian, Korean, French, Sushi etc... I love ethnic food, so please, please, please....tell me you favorites and hidden gems! Help me fall in love with my new hood!

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  1. Canele in Atwater, Glendale Blvd.- excellent, simple French (it's my favorite)
    Giamela's in Atwater, Los Feliz Blvd- subs
    La Cubana- Glendale, Maryland Ave.- cuban
    Zankou Chicken- Glendale, Colorado Blvd
    Baklava Factory - next to Zankou (excellent but only order the baklava, they have about 15 different kinds )
    Ichiban- Glendale, Maryland sushi,It's nothing too adventurous but the fish is always super fresh
    If you're willing to go up Verdugo to Montrose there's
    The Black Cow- excellent breakfast and lunch
    3 drunken goats- tapas
    Zeke's - great pulled pork sandwich
    I'll add more when I think of it. Enjoy your new home. I love Glendale

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      Also great farmer's market on Sunday mornings in Montrose on Honolulu.

    2. bashan
      far niente
      nishi ya

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        I second Bashan in Montrose as a top quality, classy meal that would cost WAY more if it was on Beverly.

        Baracoa in Atwater for Cuban. My favorite is the short rib dinner and chicken lunch
        Clancy's Crab Broiler for a great burger. Fish is okay, but burger's great.
        Zeke's in Montrose for BBQ pulled pork sandwich
        Max's of Manila for Filipino fried chicken
        Skaf's on Verdugo for Lebanese. I like the hummus with steak.

      2. El Morfi on Brand for Argentine-Italian; La Cabanita in Montrose for Mexican (get the enmoladas and the chile relleno de picadillo); Cafe Bravo on Glenoaks for Armenian kabobs and salads (they also sell their marinated meat raw to go if you like to cook it yourself). Shamshiri on Central for Persian food, including good flavoured polos.

        Up in La Crescenta is Kasan, which is decent Korean. Chinda Thai on Victory is not bad, and right next door is Nishi-Ya, which is very good sushi (but traditional only -- no fun interesting rolls here). Go to Manila Good-Ha on Colorado for their breakfast (after 8 AM) -- get tapsilog or longsilog or tosilog (beef, sausage or pork with garlic fried rice and fried eggs, plus fresh tomatoes if you ask for them and coconut vinegar).

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          You're moving to Armenian heaven! Try Carousel, Raffi's, India Sweet And Spice.

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            Second most of the recs above. Close by in Eagle Rock you have Oinkster and Senor Fish. Also in Glendale on Colorado a tiny Korean family run restaurant called Kim's Kitchen.

            1. re: oldiebutfoodie

              oops! Forgot, you can catch BigMista's Barbeque at the Atwater Farmers' Market Sunday 10am-2pm, and at Eagle Rock Friday, I think 5pm to 8pm. Far surpasses Zeke's!!!!

        2. For Greek/Armenian, Elena's at 1000 S. Glendale Ave. is the place to go. Been there for give or take 30 years, so....
          Phoenicia on Central has been there a long time, and chef Ara is truly a lover of food and wine.
          While you did not ask about alcohol, Topline on San Fernando Road just north of Chevy Chase is where you buy booze at very heavily discounted prices and a very wide selection, especially Vodka, Scotch, Champagne, etc., as well as some fabulous wines. Been there forever.

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            Finally made it to Topline, after hearing about it forever. What a find! Terrific prices, very well informed sales staff, and a very good selection of wine and booze. I love this place.

          2. VIET NOODLE in atwater on glendale blvd.
            TACOS VILLAS CORONAS just down from that
            SWEETS FOR THE SOUL ditto on glendale blvd.
            DONER SPITZ in eagle rock