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Aug 3, 2009 07:23 AM

grass-fed meats

Anyone know of any supermarkets or butchers that sell grass-fed meat? (as opposed to corn-fed)

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  1. Hardwick Beef sells to City Feed and Supply and to Harvest Co op Market in JP as well as Lionettes Market on tremont.

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      It's been a while but I included Hardwick Beef (Devon breed) in the tasting I set up a few years back to create our steak tasting guide. No doubt it will vary in flavor / texture by season but it was simply delicious. The owner Ridge Shinn is well-regarded in the grass-finished beef industry; he focuses a lot on getting the genetics right. I see at least one Boston store listed. Maybe you can try it first and then order in bulk if you like it.

    2. is a good resource for finding this type of information. Here is their listing of MA resources:

      1. The beef from Chestnut Farm is grass-fed. You can buy it at some farmers' markets or you can join their meat CSA.

        1. Just bought some grass fed beef this weekend at Mainstone farm in Wayland (Old Connecticut Path).

          1. I'll put in another plug for the local farmers' markets. Easy to stock up at them right now. River Rock farms, Stillman's are both good, at the markets, and have naturally-raised animals.

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              River Rock is great, but the cattle do get corn feed, so if the OP were seeking grass-fed for the health benefits, then River Rock wouldn't cut it.

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                Their cattle are pasture raised and fed hay and grass, I think they use the corn only for a couple of weeks before slaughter, but i can't recall exactly. In any case, they are well raised! They are at the Brookline Farmer's Market each Thursday.....

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                  That's true. They have 3 pastures and when the maturing cattle reach the final one, there are corn troughs available to them. And when given the choice the cattle definitely prefer the corn to the grass. But the point I was making is that the amount of corn that the animals do get negates the health benefits of the ratio of omega 3s to omega 6s in the beef of purely grass-fed cattle.