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Aug 3, 2009 07:05 AM

Jacksonville Steakhouse

I am going to Jacksonville this weekend and will be dining out with my family. They suggested a steakhouse with a price of 20 - 25 per entree. Do you have any recommendations within this price range? I would be ordering filet rare. It doesnt neccesarily have to be a steakhouse it can be a place with a good steak, but not too contemporary of a menu as my dad is a straight meat and potato guy.

I looked at the Tree Steakhouse as an option - would this be a good choice?

Would like to stay in Jacksonville, live close to beach blvd near Atlantic Beach but will drive 20 minutes or so...

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  1. Are there no Jacksonville foodies? :) What about Sun Dog? Tree Steakhouse? Aqua Grill?

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      I visit there and have been to ruth's chris and the steak house in the hyatt hotel. both are good but well above $25. i'll ask some freinds for some ideas

    2. mortons in city

      1. Sorry I missed this, TE. For your area and budget, you might try Shula's new 347 Grille in Deerwood Park - this might be at about the limit of your 20 minute drive, but the Mrs. and I had a nice meal there on a coupon deal (imagine...) a few weeks ago. This seems to be the functioning restaurant for the whole Sheraton hotel it is in (a nice looking new road warrior inn, BTW) so it might be worth a try. We both ordered off of the grille menu, and got out for a nice price, if I recall correctly. My filet + sides was very good, and her seared tuna was even better.

        10605 Deerwood Park Blvd. - 642-0063 is the local #.