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Aug 3, 2009 06:58 AM

Kosher Subway Opening in Skokie -

Driving down Dempster in Skokie and saw sign announcing a Kosher Subway is opening at the corner of Dempster and Crawford - anyone know the when they will be open?

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  1. That is the question of the week!

    1. Call CRC Phone:
      (773) 465-3900

      1. I just talked to Subway's headquarters and they are looking at 6 weeks :)

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        1. re: rosey189

          Any updates on when they are going to open? Sign on the door maybe? I am anxiously awaiting this, however it will be somewhat dangerous as I will be prone to spending more money...

          1. re: Pluckyduk8

            Why the fascination with a Kosher Subway? I'll take a sandwich from Srulie's or the Sandwich Club any day over a Subway. Can't we aim a little higher?

            1. re: ferret

              true - but the novelty of it is intriguing - I know my kids are looking forward to it

              1. re: weinstein5

                A sandwich that passes for "okay" in the treif world for $5-6 lacks a compelling sales pitch at a $4 kosher premium. The "novelty" attraction won't last very long.

                1. re: ferret

                  I still enjoy the one in Cedarhurst, especially the footlong pastrami piled high.

              2. re: ferret

                I do indeed like the Sandwich Club sandwiches (try the shnitzel pastrami if you've never had it)...but I used to eat out non-kosher when I was little and one of the things I miss is Subway.

          2. Looks like it is going to be soon - at least I get that from all the opening soon signs in the window -

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            1. re: weinstein5

              I'm told that they are hoping sometime next week.

            2. Opening is expected next week, pending some final approvals by CRC or other certifying authorities - according to a neighbor/friend of mine who is a (or the) owner of the business.

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              1. re: gomexico

                It is today, Nov 11 - at least that is what the sign in the door says -