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Aug 3, 2009 06:54 AM

lobster sashimi in NYC

did a search for lobster sashimi on the boards but didnt come up with any for nyc.
does anyone have a rec for good/safe lobster sashimi in the city?


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    1. i remember a bizare foods episode where they show live lobster sashimi at jewel baco
      personally i have never been

      1. Japonica does it, but I believe you must special order in advance...

        1. Bond Street used to do it as a regular item. Tail meat with a dipping sauce made from the liver.

          Some places only do it as an advance order from a regular customer.

          1. I used to get it at Sushi Zen. it came in a big lobster/combo platter which was all delicious. It is no longer on the menu but worth a try for the sashimi.