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Aug 3, 2009 06:43 AM

Bummer clams at Tony's, Wollaston

i can never remember if I usually go to Tony's or the Clam Box and which is supposed to be the better one. Since there was a volleyball tournament across from Tony's, I went there. Clam roll was $13.95, served with fries (I think they might sub onion rings for you but I forgot to ask). Out came these humungous clams that couldn't fit in the roll. I know some of you are into really big bellies bit I like medium and these were way beyond that. Just too big and lots of necks, extra chewiness, not enough batter. I think it's a good thing I got a roll to kind of disguise some what I didn't like. I walked by the Clam Box and theirs looked more my style. Waste of calories, maybe I should have gone for a lobster roll which was my other thought. I did end on a good note w/ a grapenut cone at Louie's in E. Somerville which still makes mighty fine ice cream. They don't have kiddie size on the menu anymore but he made me one, which was still good sized and just $2.

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  1. You described the reason why I love Tony's - giant belly clams. Really if clams are all bellies, I'd be happy. Reminds me that I need to take a trip to get some clams soon.

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      I'm with you. The bigger the belly, the better. (of course I'm referring to the clams, not myself.) Had a clam plate at Tony's about a week ago and had to restrain myself from moaning out loud. The clams were sweet, tender and perfectly fried. The bellies were large and bursting with flavor. I dream about their french fries. YUM

    2. I paid my first visit to the Clam Box last weekend. We got there about 3:30 and there was a long line. We discovered that they'd changed the cooking oil at 2:30 and I'm sure it takes a while to get it back up to temp. We had the native fried clam plate, clam roll, fried haddock, lobster roll, fried "chicken fingers", fried shrimp. That's not all, so a big assortment. There's wasn't a bit of "grease" on anything and the portions were huge, flavors were clean and fresh. My son declared the shrimp to be the best he'd ever had and I'm pretty sure he said the shrimp were from Maine. Our bill was hefty, but worth it.

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        I think you're talking about the Ipswich Clam Box aren't you? I know they change their oil at 2:30. I was referring to the Wollaston Beach Clam Box which isn't at the same level as the north shore one.

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        1. Funny----I had the lobster roll at Tony's yesterday, and it was quite good. there was a lot of meat, and in huge pieces, like whole claws! It was very lightly dressed, with barely any mayo, and had just some paprika for seasoning. I would have seasoned it just a tad more, but there was no disputing the quality and quantity of lobster meat, and the roll was done just right (buttered/toasted). Served with a killer pickle. My husband had the small calamari box, and I was impressed with the lightness of the batter and lack of greasiness, and the calamari were tender rather than tough.

          1. I tend to like both the Clam Box and Tony's, but lean towards Tony's more often than not. I've been a few times this summer and didn't find the bellies to be overly large but I'm sure that can change week to week depending on what they bring in. Don't rule them out yet, if you tell them you prefer the smaller belly version, I'm sure they'll accommodate.