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Aug 3, 2009 06:33 AM

Gunnings Crab House

Had a dozen large male crabs ($68) at Gunnings last night which were delicious. That along with a cup of crab soup and an order of fried green pepper rings and a couple of shocktop draft beers and it was a perfect evening. excellent stop if you need somewhere to eat in the vicinity of BWI

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  1. I agree Doc. Went there for the first time a few weeks ago....great crabs. I hear the "crab fluff" is awesome, so will be trying that on my next visit.

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    1. re: cb1

      Crabcake also looked wonderful. was so stuffed that we skipped the eclair for desert. I just told a foodie friend that I don't know why we don't go there more often. plus the staff was very nice

      1. re: dining with doc

        Though an old place, previously in the Brooklyn section, it gets little love because of a track record of reheating crabs. This may no longer happen, happen only at lunch, or maybe in the low-demand months of winter. I know firsthand they have, at least at times, gotten TX crabs minutes off the plane at nearby BWI. But the history deters some. The crabcake seems less tasty than Timbuktu up the street. The eclair is always good.

        1. re: chowsearch

          I would have to say Gunnings has the better crabcake over Timbuktu. Timbuktu always leaves me bilious and queasy afterward. And, the place literally stinks. )n the whole, Gunnings food is a bit fresher.

          1. re: chowsearch

            We've only gotten crabs at Gunnings during the summer at dinner, and never had a reheated crab. So maybe it's during off times, as you said. And Gunnings tomato-based crab soup is my husband's gold standard for crab soup. It is always our go-to place for crabs, Gunnings has never disappointed. It's just a relaxing, local place with decent food (yeah, the cooked veggies are limp, just like my mother-in-law's - grin. Don't go there for gourmet veggies !!)

            If you can't find room for the eclair, take one home for later ! That's what we do !!

      2. Make sure you never order the onion rings at Gunnings.

        They come out looking like old fashioned donuts from DD.

        Nasty breading.

        1. Crab fluff is better than any crabcake I EVER ATE. Really good Shrimp salad, ColeSlaw and Eclair. Their crab cake is OK. My wife thinks they have the best crabs. Me ??? I dunno. I can't afford them.