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Aug 3, 2009 05:57 AM

Question about Miami Spice menus

I'll be coming to SoBe in September. Do most of the restaurants participating in Miami Spice not post their menus? I didn't see anything listed at Hakkasan, Scarpetta, or OLA. Is this customary because the menu changes daily (or weekly)?
We have the same sort of dining out event in Indianapolis and the restaurants do post their menus.
Just wondering......thanks for your help.
If anyone has tried Hakkasan, Scarpetta, OLA over the weekend, I'd be interested in hearing about your experience.


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  1. Check again. Hakkasan and Scarpetta both have their menus posted.

    Most places do post a sample menu, many were slow this time around getting them up. Just keep in mind that many places change their menus from week to week so don't be upset if it's different from what's on the website.

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      Thanks Frod. I must not have been looking in the right place on the websites.


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        I tried Hakkasan last night with my husband and a friend. Our intention was to order from the Miami Spice menu, which here you have to ask for because they don't bring it to you, but we ended up not doing so.

        The main reason we veered from the original idea was that my two dining companions weren't craving the stir-fried black pepper beef or the snapper offered as entrees in the Spice menu. It is a very limited selection given the wide variety of more appealing choices on the regular menu. I was still considering ordering from their Spice menu, but the menu stated that a minimum of two guests were required.

        In retrospect, I’m not sure whether this meant that a minimum of two people must be dining to be able to partake in the Miami Spice promotion or that a minimum of two people in a party must order from the Miami Spice menu. We interpreted it to mean the latter. Regardless of which it was, it wasn’t the only clause in the menu. I should read fine print more carefully. Hakkasan also limits the Miami Spice menu to a maximum of five people. Yes, they state it on the menu and the Miami Spice website, but as evidenced by a party of six that left the restaurant upset shortly after being seated and getting their drinks, not everyone pays attention to it. We heard some people in the group tell the hostess something about Miami Spice on their way out and later found out that the group had wanted to do Miami Spice but couldn’t because they had one more person in their party than Hakkasan allows for the promotion.

        Though I can’t comment on the Miami Spice dishes, I couldn’t help but wonder why Hakkasan participated in the promotion in the first place. That type of restrictions and the fact that they don’t offer you the Miami Spice menu unless you ask for it are the types of things that make Miami Spice annoying.

        In fairness, the food we tasted was very good (albeit pricey) and I would hope that the quality would be the same in the Spice menu. The restaurant’s ambiance is great and the décor very nice. The service wasn’t too great and we had an annoying situation when we received our bill and were charged $17 for bourbon that was priced at $14 on the menu. Our server said there was a $3 surcharge for spirits ordered on the rocks but didn't tell us this until after we paid our bill and noticed.

        I don’t regret visiting and don’t mean to dissuade you from trying it but I thought that mentioning some of the things we observed last night would help, if nothing else to draw attention to the fine print.