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Aug 3, 2009 05:30 AM

Seeking Recommendations for Good Ethnic Restaurants near Lincoln Center

I'm taking 2 friends to the free opening night Dave Brubeck Concert for the LIncoln Center Out of Doors Festival this Wednesday, August 5th @ 7:30 pm at Damrosch.

I need your advice where to take them for dinner. Looking for a good ethnic restaurant which
will be priced in the $10 - $25 per person price range for Entrees. We love Thai, Indian, Japanese, Asian, Middle Eastern, Indonesian, Greek, Mexican, Moroccan, Vietnamese, and Turkish Cuisines.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

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  1. Kashkaval might be you most economical bet. Pasha is also nearby if you want Turkish. For Indian, I'd visit Earthen Oven. For Argentine I would try Cafe Ronda.

    1. Wondee Siam for Thai.

      1. Rosa Mexicano...a block away on Amsterdam

          1. Uncle Nick's GREEK-9th btwn 50th and 51st