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Aug 3, 2009 04:27 AM

Another One Bites The Dust - Persephone

The Herald is reporting that Persephone will close. Not a huge surprise there... the location was not great and the concept of munching on $8 french fries amongst racks of clothes was never that appealing.

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  1. i thought it was already closed on saturday?

    i enjoyed my food there -- had an amazing coddled egg dish with mushrooms and bacon aioli that was killah good, however the wine mark-up was absurdly high and the drinks tended to the sweet like so many other places.

    that area is still a bit desolate at night and fer sure off my beaten path, so i didn't visit that much. i guess it was not THAT good to become a destination for me.

    however, i do think the combination concept might have worked elsewhere, like the south end. more than the racks of clothes, what i found jarring was people playing wii-guitar video games in the lounge area. it really seemed out of place for the intended vibe.

    1. I only went a couple of times, unfortunately, but I thought the concept and feel was very cool - it was very atypical of the Boston restaurant scene.

      But the location in the city sucked, in my opinion. They were a little too cute, too cool-for-school with the $100 ham sandwich on the lunch menu, but I will fondly remember the chowhound-inspired pomegranate martini.

      1. They just got a Best of Boston award too, from Boston magazine. I forget what the category was. I was always confused by the name: Was Persephone the restaurant and Achilles Project the store? Or Achilles Project was the owner?

        1. Yes, they just called me to cancel a reservation I was holding for Saturday the 15th.
          Was looking forward to eating there again -- and the location was *so* convenient for Harbor Lights (ummm...Bank America Pavilion).

          Anyone got any brilliant ideas for a pre-Bonnie Raitt meal?

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            We recently had a decent snack at Salvatore's during the Tall Ships' weekend. Every other place was a mob scene and we have little experience with restaurants in that area. It's located right across from the Pavillion. We sat at the bar up front and stuck with a simple pizza to share and a couple of glasses of wine each. With the sun streaming in that afternoon, it fit the bill. Bartender was friendly and knowledgeable about wine to boot.

          2. The concept was bad --- but the salted caramel ice cream was ridiculously good....