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Aug 2, 2009 11:06 PM


Anyone know of places in montreal to get some real hummus?

Im talking about hummus that is served as a main course and not the sad excuse for it we often find in the grocery store..

Masabcha or anything similar?

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  1. Lots of possibilities, including:

    Chez Benny on Queen Mary and Pizza Pita on D├ęcarie for great hummus and falafel, among other Israeli delicacies. Daou (on Faillon East near the Jean Talon Market and on Marcel-Laurin in St-Laurent), Alep/Le Petit Alep on Jean-Talon near the market and homey Aux Lilas on Park Ave. For takeout, try Lahmadjoune Beyrough - Yerevan (aka Chez Apo), also on Faillon East.

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      I second Daou, IMO simply the best in the city !!! For take-out, I get my quick fix from Adonis

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        i will add another as i know if i want 1 or 2 items i prefer to shop in neighbourhood than go across town-- i was at Palmyra on Saturday to get some takeout snacks such as spinach feta treats, red pepper pizza (they also have other versions such as eggplant) and noticed they have homemade hummus available, although i have not purchased this item i would expect it would be good as all products made on this site, kitchen in the back; it is a family run business and I have been going there for ages, they also sell their products to grocery stores especially specialty stores. (on beaumont, not far from parc
        )I used to go to adonis but it moved further to sauve area