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Aug 2, 2009 10:28 PM

NOLA Restaurants

Is Mandina's still worth going to or has the quality slipped? Also, does anybody know the name of the place out by the lake which serves the stuffed seafood artichoke? And is that place still worth going to? And is Jack Dempsey's on Poland Avenue still good (or even open after Katrina)? I'm gonna be in NOLA for a few days in August with some real foodies and we're doing some research (two of us trawling Chowhound). One has suggested Drago's for chargrilled oysters. Anyone second that choice?

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  1. The restaurant with the stuffed seafood artichoke is/was Carmine's. I am almost positive that the Lakefront location is closed, but they still have a location on Veteran's BLVD, in Metairie.

    Drago's is still great for chargrilled oysters, but that is about all I will order there. Believe it or not, Acme (in the FQ and in Metairie) has some pretty good chargrilled oysters as well as good fried seafood.

    Hope this helps,


    1. Jack Dempsey's is, indeed, open, and has received at least one (happily surprised) positive review w/in the past week or two. Drago's is the place for the 'original' char-'ster. I'd suggest Boucherie, but they'll be closed all of Aug.