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Aug 2, 2009 10:08 PM

Bofinger DDO - Normal?

According to their website and the door; they close at 10 on Sunday.
Well, tonight.. me and my boyfriend went there at around 7:30, and we were told they were closing in 15 minutes!
Why? They ran out of meat!
The girl at the counter said: We're good, that's why..
My boyfriend was soooo upset! Because he was so pumped to try them out! And he's a big ribs fan..

Is this normal for them? I mean, one would expect a restaurant to stock on ribs enough for a whole day if they're "that good"

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  1. Either they're having a problem with supplies, or they were exceptionally busy today (could be possible, with lots of people returning from construction holiday). But still, 7:30 pm? You'd think they'd arrange to have meat brought over from one of the other locations if they were running that low on everything.

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    1. re: cherylmtl

      They could have all the meat in the world, that wouldn't make their smoker work any faster. If they run out of what they had smoked for that day, that's it.

      Of course, I don't know any more than you why they closed so early. I'm just saying that if they had run out of meat, finding more meat would not have solved the problem.

      1. re: SnackHappy

        I can understand the smoker only working so fast - but it's not like they only offer one type of meat - at least in NDG, they have ribs, brisket, chicken, turkey, hamburgers, pulled pork, etc... so they either had to be exceptionally busy, or exceptionally poorly prepared, to run out of all meat by 7:30 pm. And when I said bring meat over from one of the other locations, I meant meat that was already smoked.
        I would be willing to bet Porker has the right reason...

        1. re: cherylmtl

          Might also be the conjunction of the last day of the construction holiday and the heavy downpours that arrived right around dinnertime. Could see that leading to a sudden dropping of backyard barbecue plans and a mass descent upon a BBQ joint.

          1. re: carswell

            I think these are all good reasons, especially piled one on top of the other. There was also the Highland Games this past weekend which might have added to a run on some of West Island's restaurants...

    2. Plus its a Sunday...many times staffed by underlings who are hungover and just dying to finish the day and get a drink. Not specific to Bofinger, just a restaurant thing.
      Add to this sporadic customers and the acne inflicted kid says "screw it we're closing up".

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      1. re: porker

        I've been told they are up for sale. Business is slow in the mall for many restaurants.

        1. re: maj54us

          The parking is almost always full around diner/supper time, I'm sure a lot of it is for the Fu Lam, but, pizza hut.. always people there..

          1. re: Anarkya

            If that`s true, it would be because of their inferior advertising tactics. I understand that they want their product to speak for itself, which would work in the downtown or NDG areas, but on the West Island, people usually go with what is safe and known.
            Word of mouth doesn`t go very far in the West.

      2. The last time I heard a resto was closing early was at the krispy kreme in the parking lot of the marche du ouest..
        A few months later it was gone.

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        1. re: hanklin


          Tonight, me and my boyfriend went there at around 7, thinking they would finally get meat, but all the chairs were on the table and it was dark inside, my bf was soooo mad! He wanted to leave but I ran to go look at a paper on the door,
          It says they are moving and that we have to go to the other Bofingers while we wait.
          I'm speechless..

          And hanklin, ha! The krispy kreme..
          I remember it!
          worst place ever for a krispy kreme.

          1. re: Anarkya

            Yep, I drove past it this afternoon and it's gone.
            It didn't last too long either.

            1. re: hanklin

              New Bofinger opening up on Parc south of Faimount.
              Looks like they,ll be opening doors in September - they're already building the terrasse. Maybe the "moving" story ain't so far off....

              1. re: grillit

                Not really sure how going from DDO to Park south of Fairmount would be construed as moving....?? More like closing one and opening another in a completely new location...The whole multiple locations thing is a bit of a shame really. The single one on Sherbrooke in NDG was pretty good and had a kindof unique feel to it, especially for a place like Mtl. where that kind of food isn't exactly the norm. Now....not so much

                1. re: berbatov

                  Yeah, that's not moving, and it doesn't address what I think is the fundamental problem: overexpansion (greedy owners). They opened the first one only 2 years ago.

                  1. re: Shattered

                    Are these franchise locations or not? It's possible they relocated to Ile Perrot from DDO(not to Park avenue).

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. We went to the one at Iles Perrot yesterday (Saturday) to finaly try Bofinger.

            We were greeted by very loud dance club whatever it's called dance music (Compared to old rock / blues, jazz in the WI which was SOOO MUCH better and just overall fitted with the Bofinger feeling)
            We ordered, and sadly had to stay there while waiting.
            But the music was seriously sad to listen to, almost gave us a headache.
            My husband ordered 3 ribs, with fries and the original sauce.
            He said they tasted really good, he didn't like the sauce and said that they were way too much fat on the rib.
            He said something about how the meat was poor quality.
            (I wouldn't know, the only restaurant food I can eat is sushi (low blood sugar and auto immune disease))
            He said the ribs had barely any meats and he doesn't wanna go back.

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            1. re: Anarkya

              Not surprising. I don't think Bofinger was ever really touted for its quality. More for its value and relatively tasty food.

              1. re: berbatov

                i find the one in ndg very very casual and great for families w small children and it is what it is a barby 'joint'. Food is good for the purpose of going out to eat for some lousy barbecue and it serves its purpose.

              2. re: Anarkya

                Do you have the address to Bofinger in Iles Perrot??


                1. re: fredmir

                  According to

                  Restaurant Bofinger - 514-646-1886
                  25, boulevard Don-Quichotte , L'Ile-Perrot , QC J7V 7X4

                  1. re: carswell

                    The last few time i went to ile-perrot the food is still ok but never many customer. I am thinking they might call it quit soon :(

                    Man do we need more barbecue/smokehouse restaurant in the west-island!!

                    1. re: argeze

                      I love the Bar B Barn and Barbie's for my west island barbecue.

                      1. re: argeze

                        The "new" Park Avenue branch is a dead zone. It certainly will close at some point, they have so few customers it's obviously not financially viable. Is the whole chain going down?