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Bofinger DDO - Normal?

According to their website and the door; they close at 10 on Sunday.
Well, tonight.. me and my boyfriend went there at around 7:30, and we were told they were closing in 15 minutes!
Why? They ran out of meat!
The girl at the counter said: We're good, that's why..
My boyfriend was soooo upset! Because he was so pumped to try them out! And he's a big ribs fan..

Is this normal for them? I mean, one would expect a restaurant to stock on ribs enough for a whole day if they're "that good"

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  1. Either they're having a problem with supplies, or they were exceptionally busy today (could be possible, with lots of people returning from construction holiday). But still, 7:30 pm? You'd think they'd arrange to have meat brought over from one of the other locations if they were running that low on everything.

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      They could have all the meat in the world, that wouldn't make their smoker work any faster. If they run out of what they had smoked for that day, that's it.

      Of course, I don't know any more than you why they closed so early. I'm just saying that if they had run out of meat, finding more meat would not have solved the problem.

      1. re: SnackHappy

        I can understand the smoker only working so fast - but it's not like they only offer one type of meat - at least in NDG, they have ribs, brisket, chicken, turkey, hamburgers, pulled pork, etc... so they either had to be exceptionally busy, or exceptionally poorly prepared, to run out of all meat by 7:30 pm. And when I said bring meat over from one of the other locations, I meant meat that was already smoked.
        I would be willing to bet Porker has the right reason...

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          Might also be the conjunction of the last day of the construction holiday and the heavy downpours that arrived right around dinnertime. Could see that leading to a sudden dropping of backyard barbecue plans and a mass descent upon a BBQ joint.

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            I think these are all good reasons, especially piled one on top of the other. There was also the Highland Games this past weekend which might have added to a run on some of West Island's restaurants...

    2. Plus its a Sunday...many times staffed by underlings who are hungover and just dying to finish the day and get a drink. Not specific to Bofinger, just a restaurant thing.
      Add to this sporadic customers and the acne inflicted kid says "screw it we're closing up".

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      1. re: porker

        I've been told they are up for sale. Business is slow in the mall for many restaurants.

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          The parking is almost always full around diner/supper time, I'm sure a lot of it is for the Fu Lam, but, pizza hut.. always people there..

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            If that`s true, it would be because of their inferior advertising tactics. I understand that they want their product to speak for itself, which would work in the downtown or NDG areas, but on the West Island, people usually go with what is safe and known.
            Word of mouth doesn`t go very far in the West.

      2. The last time I heard a resto was closing early was at the krispy kreme in the parking lot of the marche du ouest..
        A few months later it was gone.

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          Tonight, me and my boyfriend went there at around 7, thinking they would finally get meat, but all the chairs were on the table and it was dark inside, my bf was soooo mad! He wanted to leave but I ran to go look at a paper on the door,
          It says they are moving and that we have to go to the other Bofingers while we wait.
          I'm speechless..

          And hanklin, ha! The krispy kreme..
          I remember it!
          worst place ever for a krispy kreme.

          1. re: Anarkya

            Yep, I drove past it this afternoon and it's gone.
            It didn't last too long either.

            1. re: hanklin

              New Bofinger opening up on Parc south of Faimount.
              Looks like they,ll be opening doors in September - they're already building the terrasse. Maybe the "moving" story ain't so far off....

              1. re: grillit

                Not really sure how going from DDO to Park south of Fairmount would be construed as moving....?? More like closing one and opening another in a completely new location...The whole multiple locations thing is a bit of a shame really. The single one on Sherbrooke in NDG was pretty good and had a kindof unique feel to it, especially for a place like Mtl. where that kind of food isn't exactly the norm. Now....not so much

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                  Yeah, that's not moving, and it doesn't address what I think is the fundamental problem: overexpansion (greedy owners). They opened the first one only 2 years ago.

                  1. re: Shattered

                    Are these franchise locations or not? It's possible they relocated to Ile Perrot from DDO(not to Park avenue).

        2. We went to the one at Iles Perrot yesterday (Saturday) to finaly try Bofinger.

          We were greeted by very loud dance club whatever it's called dance music (Compared to old rock / blues, jazz in the WI which was SOOO MUCH better and just overall fitted with the Bofinger feeling)
          We ordered, and sadly had to stay there while waiting.
          But the music was seriously sad to listen to, almost gave us a headache.
          My husband ordered 3 ribs, with fries and the original sauce.
          He said they tasted really good, he didn't like the sauce and said that they were way too much fat on the rib.
          He said something about how the meat was poor quality.
          (I wouldn't know, the only restaurant food I can eat is sushi (low blood sugar and auto immune disease))
          He said the ribs had barely any meats and he doesn't wanna go back.

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          1. re: Anarkya

            Not surprising. I don't think Bofinger was ever really touted for its quality. More for its value and relatively tasty food.

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              i find the one in ndg very very casual and great for families w small children and it is what it is a barby 'joint'. Food is good for the purpose of going out to eat for some lousy barbecue and it serves its purpose.

            2. re: Anarkya

              Do you have the address to Bofinger in Iles Perrot??


              1. re: fredmir

                According to www.yellowpages.ca:

                Restaurant Bofinger - 514-646-1886
                25, boulevard Don-Quichotte , L'Ile-Perrot , QC J7V 7X4

                1. re: carswell

                  The last few time i went to ile-perrot the food is still ok but never many customer. I am thinking they might call it quit soon :(

                  Man do we need more barbecue/smokehouse restaurant in the west-island!!

                  1. re: argeze

                    I love the Bar B Barn and Barbie's for my west island barbecue.

                    1. re: argeze

                      The "new" Park Avenue branch is a dead zone. It certainly will close at some point, they have so few customers it's obviously not financially viable. Is the whole chain going down?

              2. Bofinger DDO is gone. So now we have the answer

                1. I tried the new one on Park. I had the chicken. I knew I was in trouble when I saw the guy pull it out of a steaming pan in the oven. The chicken was dry. The sauces were bizarre (people in Alabama generally do not eat barbecue with spicy sauce, and people in Texas frequently think sauce is a sacrilege). The sides were the highlight, which is never a good sign at a barbecue restaurant. Maybe the ribs are better, but I'm not risking it. I'll stick with the chicken at Arcada or Romado's. Montreal is seriously lacking in the American soul food and barbecue departments. If somebody who really knew what they were doing opened a place that serves good fried catfish, chicken, collards, mac and cheese, barbecue, etc., I think they would be very wealthy.

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                  1. re: william_howard_taft

                    I agree, the food preparation is one reason it did not succeed. I look with envy at the Food Network at real Southern BBQ.

                    1. re: adriansonline

                      The bowfinger downtown (University below St-Catherine) is horrible. The tables take forever to be cleaned up, the ventilation sucks (you smell like smoke when you get out).

                      The food has consistently gone downhill over the past 18 months, the 'brisket' is dripping with fat since they slice it ahead of time and just let it sit in a steel bin. The ribs are sometimes burnt, the chicken is tasteless and the sauce is disgusting.

                      The Potato Salad has been undercooked, the mac and cheese is utterly tasteless, the salads not fresh or the lettuce wilted.

                      Just horrible. The NDG Bofinger was good a few years back, but this franchise should be avoided at all costs.

                      1. re: ohms

                        I agree that the quality has indeed gone down, i went a couple of weeks ago,mac and cheese sauce was all runny and flavorless, brisket was not that hot

                        A few months ago, i went for lunch one day, no pork or brisket, they didn't received their delivery on time from NDG

                        Good idea, started well, execution now going downhill, it's sad

                        1. re: ohms

                          I think they use canned potatoes in the tater salad. ew.

                          1. re: ohms

                            We went to the Bofinger in NDG a few weeks back - hadn't been there for quite a while - and were less than impressed with the food. Neither the brisket nor the pork had any smoke taste to them whatsoever, and the portions have been cut back substantially (not that I'm exactly a big eater, and could never finish an entire pulled pork sandwich before, but even I thought the portion was too small this time). There was only a teeny bit of hot sauce put on each sandwich (as opposed to a generous slathering as previously was done) and the hamburger - well, let's not even go there. Obviously fully cooked previously, and then just plopped on the grill to reheat, just making it more dried out, but entirely flavourless. To be honest, McDonald's burgers have more flavour - it was really that bad (and no, I don't go to Bofinger for their burgers, but my son happens to like them - usually). This was a place we went to fairly regularly at one point, but after this last visit, I don't think we'll be going back any time soon.

                            1. re: cherylmtl

                              Yeah, I've given up on this whole venture. I haven't had a satisfying experience there since my first visit a few years back at the original place. The quality continues to drop. I cannot recommend this for people who really like good BBQ (as in the American southern tradition). Thank goodness I am planning a trip to the Southern U.S. shortly. I'll get some real BBQ then.

                              1. re: moh

                                The Park Ave branch has 2 pulled pork sandwich combos for 9.99 mon-wed. All you can eat ribs Thursday's for 14.99. Nice price but could be desperation too.
                                Yesterday a friend dropped by and raved about the beef ribs. Also noted Park Ave. with the outside deck should pick up with hotter weather.

                                1. re: everyonelovessushi

                                  The beef ribs are ok, but they aren't good BBQ ribs in the grand Southern traditions. They are often tougher than they should be, and those sauces are a bit of an abomination. If I think of them as ribs, fine, but I am not going to pretend they take care of my BBQ fix. I am going to North Carolina in a few weeks, where they really get pulled pork sandwiches, so I am afraid I will not make do with Bofinger's idea of pulled pork, which is merely a shadow of the real thing, regardless of how cheap they make it.

                                  I realize I am being a bit harsh. I normally am pretty good about enjoying something that isn't quite the real thing, if that something is a tasty alternative. But I've had too many meh experiences at Bofinger in a row, and I've given up. I'd rather go to Bar-B-Barn or Baton Rouge to get ribs, heck even St. hubert ribs have a certain appeal. When I go to these places, I understand I am not getting southern BBQ, I am going for a certain incarnation of ribs. They are tasty enough, and they will do. But I often don't even finish my meal from Bofingers, and I almost always think, "why did I even bother'. So no more for me. If one has to settle, you should at least like the taste.

                                  1201 Rue Guy, Montreal, QC H3H2K5, CA

                              2. re: cherylmtl

                                I made the same mistake a few weeks back... ordered a cheeseburger aka dried out precooked hockey puck and it was disgusting! Not sure about McDonalds as I wouldn't venture anywhere near one, but I'd take just about any other fast-food chain (Harveyes, A&W, etc) over this ANY day! If not for the texas sauce, hot peppers and slaw slopped over top, it would be entirely inedible! Bofingers was NEVER good to begin with (their ribs were always low grade with terrible sauces and tasteless sides, ie. plastic macaroni) but never this bad before. Who'da thunk mediocrity could slump so low... I used to frequent every few months for their wacked out version of a 'poboy' or whatever they call the abomination they do there, it was a quick lunch fix and tasty in it's own right if taken for what it was. But I won't be back ever after the last time. This place is the worst and I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't last many more years. I still don't understand why we can't do better when there's a clear market for barbeque in this city...

                                1. re: OliverB

                                  OliverB, I am not sure there is a clear market for BBQ in Montreal. Otherwise why would we settle for this place? I am not sure how familiar the Quebecois market is with true BBQ, and i think the knowledge of BBQ is even somewhat wonky in the rest of Canada too. I didn't really understand the appeal of various BBQ traditions until a forced road trip of the Southern States, and now that I have seen the light, it is hard to look back. I love all forms of slow que, I love all the different traditions, and would not choose one over the other. But the key is slow, low heat cooking, good heat control, lots of time and lots of love and pride in the tradition. You can't get better.

                                  1. re: moh

                                    Ok, I'm going to have to disagree with the theme of this post - but first a bit of background. I'm an American living in Montreal who LOVES good bbq. I understand the difference between the types of bbq (dry, all sauced, etc) and I have found Bofinger's to be pretty damn good. Admittedly I've only eaten at the one on Sherbrooke in NDG. In the past month I've had: chicken and pork ribs - the chicken was so so, the ribs were great, the fries were perfect and the cole slaw.. i thought I'd died; the beef ribs - a bit tough, but meaty and flavourful, again the fries were amazing and the slaw makes me drool; and on Friday I had the pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw on the sandwich and fries, the fries could have been cooked a bit more, but the pulled pork was tender, mouthwatering and well executed. I just wish they did sweet potato fries and had cider on tap.

                                    I work in the food industry and know how hard good bbq can be to pull off. It takes a very experienced kitchen staff, a dedication that is nearly cult like and patience - and finding even on of these traits in a kitchen is a miracle.

                                    Now for the sauces, I will admit that depending on where you are in the south sauces can be like a baptism for the food or an abomination. I've found the sauces to be a bit off, but good none-the-less.

                                    Is this the best bbq in the world, no... but in perspective it's pretty damn good.

                                    1. re: sparky11007

                                      I don't know what part of the US you're from but I'm sorry in my book BOFINGERS is at light years from BBQ that you eat in the south. My theory on their problem is this when I visited their location in the west island and the one on park is that there's no volume thus the food is pre-cooked and sitting there for a while waiting to be reheated.

                                      I'm sorry but to see someone pull out a piece of chicken that is already cooked and putting it on the grill to reheat it is unacceptable. Nothing in the texture and in the taste will compare to a freshly piece of meat cooked on the grill.

                                      I haven't tried all their items but this procedure stopped from going back again. Let's which them more volume so they can serve fresh of the grill and not pre-cooked food.

                                      I guess one should know of their cooking schedule to hit a good batch.

                        2. Went to the "new" Bofinger in DDO this week for lunch. I was alone in the place at 12:30PM....yikes!! Place has been open for a couple of weeks now.

                          Had the pulled pork sandwich. The pork and the slaw on top were fine. Bun was burnt! I am alone in the place, not as if the chef has anything else to do but make sure my bun is not burnt. The sandwich also came topped with pickled jalapeno peppers, hot banana peppers, pickle, lettuce and tomatoe. Sorry, but you don't put those things on a pulled pork sandwich. Would have also liked the slaw on the side instead of on the sandwich.

                          Different format than before, this is a sit-down joint where they take your order at the table. Does not seat many (good thing since they'll only need 10 people in the place to make it look busy).

                          I'll go back because I love bbq, but would not be surprised if it closes up shop before I get back there again.

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                          1. re: NeedRealBBQ

                            Where is the new "new" Bofinger in DDO??

                            1. re: fredmir

                              In the strip mall on Sources/Brunwick between Eggspectation and La Seranata

                              1. re: NeedRealBBQ

                                Basically behind it's old location!

                            2. re: NeedRealBBQ

                              Went to Bofinger DDO last night for a late supper (in around 20h30, out at 21h17), because my dining companion (DC) had a craving for a Cuban sandwich (and Sacwich closes at 20h00). When we got to Bofinger, we saw on the menu outside that they no longer offer the Cuban sandwich, but DC wanted to venture forth nonetheless. The layout of the new location is more as a bar that serves barbecue in contrast to the previous location which was a family-style BBQ joint. The music was so loud that DC & I were having trouble hearing each other, and at one point I had to ask the waitress for cutlery & napkins (which I’d be okay with at a bar, but not a restaurant).

                              The only 2 other sit-down customers had ordered the daily special: 1 Lb of wings and a pitcher of beer. One other customer came in for a takeaway order.

                              Dining companion ordered the Cedar Plank burger with 911 sauce (reportedly their spiciest sauce), extra cheese, macaroni & cheese on the side, and a cola. DC was disappointed that the cola was in a can. The burger was alright, but the sauce was bland. The mac & cheese was flavourless & the noodles were overcooked.

                              I ordered the Pulled Chicken sandwich with South Carolina (honey mustard) sauce, and a side of fries. The sauce is very sweet (I tend to prefer my honey mustard leaning more on the mustard side than the honey). The salt & pepper fries were good, and I used DC’s 911 sauce as ketchup.

                              The waitress came by really quickly after serving to ask how everything is (by that point I’d only eaten a few fries, and DC had only taken 1 bite of his burger). She seemed surprised when he answered “yes”.

                              Total after tax & tip came to $33.28. We will not be returning.

                              I've since found Alton Brown’s recipe for a Cuban sandwich.

                              Restaurant Bofinger Bbq Smokehouse
                              3339 Boul Des Sources, Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, QC H9B1Z8, CA