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Aug 2, 2009 09:23 PM

Trendy Places to Eat In Memphis and Nashville TN

Hi All
We are travelling on our first first famly vactation with our little man, and are looking for a few trendy places to catch a bite to eat while in the Memphis and Nashville areas. All suggestions welcome!.


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  1. I assume that you are looking for kid friendly places? If so, your options will be somewhat limited if you are looking for something trendy.

    1. "Trendy" is tough in Memphis. Eating early with a child at Encore is probably ok. I wouldn't recommend Circa with a child, but it's probably as trendy as Memphis gets (decor-wise). Other hip places include Beauty Shop, Do Sushi in Midtown (outside ok with a child) and Mollie Fontaines (no kids though). All 3 of those are the same owner. Interim for lunch might be ok with a child. I haven't been since they changed chefs but my wife had a good lunch there.

      Have a good trip... also check out for Memphis dining with kid restaurant reviews.

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      1. My personal opinion (as a mother) is that my child (who is well behaved) should be welcome anywhere. So here's my Memphis list:

        Erling Jensens (No kids menu, but I promise they will make ANYTHING for your little one)
        Houston's (Kids menu, but not ON the menu)
        Eat Well Sushi Buffet (Don't let BUFFET turn you off - this place has cool lighting, aquariums throughout the restaruant and fresh sushi - kids eat super cheap)
        Blue Fin

        There are so many more....what kind of food are you into?

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          OK, maybe I'm behind the times.....I'd recommend Blue Fin...