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Aug 2, 2009 09:10 PM

Where can ifind NaOH for baking in Calgary?

Thank you

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    1. They sell Lye water in Asian grocery stores

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      1. re: Budca

        really? is it like food grade or soap making stuff? any idea what I would have to llok for? maybe at the T&T maket.....

      2. Without knowing what the you intend to use the NaOH for (pretzels perhaps?) -- Asian lye water may work, but it isn't sodium hydroxide. It is most often potassium carbonate. "Lye" is a catchall term for a number of different alkaline solutions. For small amounts, look for foodgrade sodium hydroxide beads (often labelled "USP" 99.9% pure) at a soapmaking supplies store.

        I don't live in Calgary so I don't have info on local sources, but here is a place in BC that sells it online in small quantities (but may be subject to special hazardous chemical delivery charges - I didn't check):

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        1. re: fmed

          Thanks, I talked to them( and they said it's not ok for food production.... Any other idea? Here in Canada it seems to be impossible to get the right ingrdients. Who would know?

          1. re: swisscheese

            I guess I'm not surprised that they would balk at recommending their sodium hydroxide for food production....But I would think that for soap production that it would be "USP" ("United States Pharmacopeia") - pharmaceutical grade which is virtually (and actually surpasses) "food grade". The "FCC" (Food Chemical Codex) testing/designation for "Food Grade" is actually less rigorous than the USP testing/designation. ie, If it is good enough to make medicines (and soap), it should be good enough to make a 3% solution in water to make pretzels.....but I digress. ( Have a look yourself: ). However, this is a forum on the internet, and I wouldn't trust me either.

            Check if these guys ship to Canada:
            Edit: they do!

            (BTW, The Fresh Loaf is a great website - there is a pretzel thread in there somewhere IIRC).

              1. re: fmed

                I wish they still shipped to Canada, it seems like they changed their policy (
                Is there something I am missing or another source?

                1. re: enjoyinglife

                  I haven't ordered from them - but I noted somewhere on the site that they shipped to Canada. Maybe they changed this policy?

                  Another source - look for a soap making place and see if they will sell you NaOH.

                  1. re: enjoyinglife

                    They shipped to me in Oct, not sure if they still do.

                  2. re: fmed

                    holy hell ,this site (the talking about boiling bagels in drain cleaner.are they serious .

                    1. re: howlin

                      (I missed this reply).

                      Yes - they are serious...crazy sounding as it may seem. He does qualify it by saying you need to make sure the drain cleaner contains only NaOH. I don't think I would personally trust the purity of drain cleaner, in any case.

                      If you read upthread you'll see a reference to soap-making NaOH to make boiling lye. The poster talked to a company that sells soap making supplies and was told that it wasn't safe for food production ( - despite its purity....but I kind of expected that answer from someone who doesn't know the bagel/pretzel making process. Keeps the lawyers at bay.)