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Aug 2, 2009 09:05 PM

ISO: Fried wonton skin strips

I'm looking for fried wonton skin strips, usually used in Chinese chicken salad.

I'm NOT looking for the fried chow mein noodles that are brown or the fried white rice noodles, and most stores I've searched in only have the noodles. Stores that don't seem to have it: Safeway, Berkeley Bowl, Ranch 99.

Any other locations? San Francisco preferable, but would travel to East Bay. I know I can make my own, but prefer not to.


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  1. Make them!

    Sharp knife, eggroll/gyoza/wonton wrappers, hot oil, salt, sugar

    1. Wait, just reread and didnt notice you didnt want to make them. But whyyyyyyyy?!

      Maybe just contact a local resto. that carries them and see if you can buy a bunch from them.

      Or, as a part time back of the house employee, if a customer approached us with sliced wrappers, I would gladly fry those bad boys up. So if your good friends with any resto with a fryer, you can do that perhaps.

      1. They are part a Costco Chinese chicken salad kit where all you have to add is lettuce. It also includes chicken, almonds, those brown noodles, almonds and dressing.

        1. I take it that you are an EastCoaster, since you will rarely find the fried WT strips in the West. I doubt that you will find them already fried. They will get rancid from the oil. You might find a restaurant that serves them, and buy a bag. But don't hold your breath. I like them, and wish they were served with soup here, but not a custom.

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            Actually I'm a West Coaster and just prefer the taste of them to fried noodles. Normally I would make them myself, but when catering an event for 50+ people, a garnish like that eats up a lot more valuable time than I'd like. Hopefully someone has a source, but if not the fryer will come out! I've seen places that have jook serve them.

          2. Places that sell Hawaiian groceries might have them. They're call Wonton Pi Chips (or maybe Wuntun Pi). In a clear and red plastic bag, usually with the chips.

            Trader Joe's might have them (only with mustard flavoring):