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Aug 2, 2009 08:58 PM

Deli near Penn Station?

Any recommendations for a good deli in or near Penn Station? Closer is better as I will have kids and parents in tow. Don't have time to get over to Katz's, but would like to get a good sandwich.

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  1. Ben's Kosher Deli is on 38th St. & 7th Av. I've never been, but Hounds who have say it's good.

    ETA: Checking MenuPages, I see that the Stage Door Deli is at 5 Penn Plaza, 8th Av. & 33rd St. It's a new one on me. Perhaps Hounds who have eaten there will chime in.

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    1. re: RGR

      I haven't been to the Stage Door in a couple years, but when I went it as a good jewish-style deli.

    2. i go to the deli IN Penn Station. ALl Boar's Head which I find to be very important.

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      1. re: notsochubbychubette

        Since the o.p. mentioned Katz's, it sounds as though s/he wants Jewish-style deli, e.g., pastrami and corned beef, in which case, Boar's Head meats are out.

            1. re: RGR

              I didnt read fbinhull was specifically seeking out a jewish deli. my apologies.

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                fbinhull didn't specifically say "Jewish deli," but I inferred it from the mention of Katz's. Of course, it would be helpful if s/he would post again and confirm this. Who knows? Maybe s/he would be happy with your suggestion. After all, as you noted, it is *in* Penn Station.