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Aug 2, 2009 07:59 PM

Hadley Mass

Hi all.

Heading to Trader Joes in Hadley and looking for any lunch recs in the area.


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  1. Can't beat the Stables (It's across from Whole foods, about 1/2 mile from TJ) It's Down home Country (I.E. Cute decor, cheap & good & plentiful) They're closed 1 day early in the week (either Monday or Tuesday)

    For a more avant garde approach, try esselon cafe, also on route 9 about a mile from the bridge on the right hand side.

    If you are coming on Thursday - Saturday, Try Hillside Pizza (on Rt, 9, about 2 mi. from the bridge on the Right side) Fresh, local, organic & Delish !!!

    And of course you're not far from Downtown Amherst & Downtown Northampton and all they have to offer.

    1. I'm a fan of Mi Tierra's for Mexican.

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        I second Mi Tierra. Or if you want fast and self-serve, there's always Whole Foods.

        1. re: mjoyous

          Third Mi Tierra, my favorite place along that stretch of road. Get the Tacos Carne Enchilada (Spicy Pork) for about $5, also the Yucca, which comes with a great salad-y thing underneath, for only about $2.50.

          Esselon is my second favorite in the area, great coffee, and their avocado salad is possibly my favorite salad in the valley.

      2. Go Hyang on Rte 9 for Korean food.