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Aug 2, 2009 07:03 PM

Desserts in Connecticut restaurants: SAVE ROOM or PASS?

Not all desserts are created equally. With that in mind, I thought it might be fun to run down where in CT you make a special point to SAVE ROOM for dessert no matter how much you've eaten, and where you definitely PASS on the extra calories 'cause they're not worth it.

- La Tavola, Waterbury (they have their own pastry chef)
- Bistro du Glace, Deep River (same deal--restaurant's owner is married to pastry chef/bakery proprietor next door, sweet partnership, eh?)
- Heritage Trail, Lisbon (Chef Harry whips up some divine creations!)
- Sharpe Hill, Pomfret (never met a dessert I didn't like here)

- Formosa Asian Fusion, North Haven
- Brass City Bistro, Waterbury

What restaurants are on your SAVE ROOM and PASS lists?

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  1. I almost never have dessert these days, so I guess the places that count as "Pass" are not going to come to my attention. But one clear "save room" in New Haven is Zinc: Alba Estenoz's work is incredible! In fact, you might just have a small plate of two, and save room for two of her desserts!

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      Great to know and exactly the type of info I'm after. Keep it comin', please, CT hounds!

      I often say I could skip right over the main course and be happy with appetizers and dessert. ;)

    2. Save room: Abigail's in Simsbury, Grants in West Hartford, Morton's Hartford (hot chocolate cake)....

      1. SAVE ROOM: White and Chocolate Chunk Bread Pudding at any Carmen Anthony Restaurant--I've had it in Woodbury, New Haven and Avon-- although the one in Waterbury was not served hot, a huge disappointment. I never leave without it; cannot bare (sp) to try anything else.

        1. Union League Cafe in New Haven without a doubt. Wish I had more, so this is a great post.

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            I was really impressed with the desserts at Union League and I've heard good things about Zinc's pastry chef. Some of the SAVE ROOMS on this list are the usual suspects that don't always deliver...but If a restaurant the employs a pastry chef you should definitely SAVE ROOM.

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              Please share--which places in the SAVE ROOM category do you find to be the usual suspects that don't always deliver? I can only vouch for my own recommendations. I've not been to very many of the New Haven spots mentioned, but I do agree with your philosophy about saving room if a pastry chef is on the please tell me more. Union League is already on my list of places to try (but as I always say, the list is ever-expanding). I hate wasting calories and money--it's a bad combo.

              1. re: kattyeyes

                It's the pastry chef at Zinc (Alba Estenoz) who is the key. Her desserts are fascinating and creative, and not actually all that super-caloric.

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                  That's nice to know and I like your new avatar! ;)

                2. re: kattyeyes

                  Restaurant Week I had a poached pear at Union League that was terrible. Terrible. Bespoke's RW dessert was much better in concept and execution.

                  Nothing on the Firebox dessert menu appealed, so if I went there again I'd get an extra course earlier in the meal.

                  And the apple tart at Le Petit Cafe outshines the decadent chocolate thing they do, IMO.

                  1. re: zoe p.

                    How funny. One would think a poached pear would be relatively hard to screw up. HA HA!

                    1. re: kattyeyes

                      I think they were trying do something that "kept" well for RW, so I'm not sure their desserts are always such failures. Or maybe they ran out of a better version of the poached pear?

                      That said, my friends have made me much yummier ones.

            2. Good News Cafe in Woodbury and the Tres Leches cake at Bespoke in New Haven. The FOOD at Bespoke doesn't match up to its predecessor, Roomba but the desserts remain intact.