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Aug 2, 2009 06:48 PM

Pyrat Rum?

My local store has this Rum on sale at a pretty good discount, something like $10 off their regular price resulting in a bottle for about $22.

I know its from the folks who make Patron and supposedly on the "premium" side, curious to hear from anyone who has actually drank the stuff as to what they should of it. Esp. you rum heads out there, is this stuff any good?

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  1. Pyrat XO is OK. I generally use it as my workhorse gold rum since it's a decent rum for a good price. Bevmo does the same thing for on sale... I don't remember a time that I haven't seen XO at Bevmo for regular price, instead always about $10 off for a price a little over $20. It wouldn't surprise me if the Patrón people were trying to do elevate Pyrat to the same super-premium level they have pushed Patrón into (undeservedly so, if you ask me; lots of marketing for something not much better than Sauza Hornitos), but Pyrat just isn't super-premium rum.

    Avoid Pyrat Pistol at all costs. It's harsh, burning stuff. I have 151 proof rum around here that goes down smoother.

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    1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

      I should have specified, I am talking about the XO. Did not know there was a "Pistol" as well.

      Interesting that this "sale" tactic is so common, and yes, sounds like Patron, which I agree is not anywhere near as good as the other products in it's price range. Still, at just over $20 a bottle, I may give it a try and see if I like it as a mixer.

      1. re: andytee

        There is yet a third Pyrat label, Pyrat Cask. It's in the same price range as my beloved Appleton Estate 21-Year, and Johnnie Walker Blue Label. It's amazing, but didn't get the singing angels effect of Appleton 21.

      2. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

        I agree on all points here. Pyrat is an uninteresting rum.

      3. I think it's a genuinely disgusting rum. It's cloyingly sweet and tastes like orange liqueur. I have no idea how they got that flavor out of rum, and it makes me wonder what kind of additives they used. I have found a great application for the stuff: I've started using it to replace part of the orange curacao component when I make a Mai Tais. This has two benefits: A) It makes the Mai Tai taste a bit "rummier", while still tasting just as "orangey" (I love made up taste words!), and B) It will help me get rid of the Pyrat without simply throwing it down the drain. Once it's gone I will certainly not buy another bottle.