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Nov 1, 2004 10:26 PM

Coconut Cream Pie or Coconut Layer Cake in LA?

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Alright, I have to admit it, hounders, I go weak in the knees for coconut desserts - especially the mainstream ones. (Just got back from Kauai, where I had extraordinary coconut eclairs at the Kilauea Bakery). If you have suggestions for coconut-whereabouts in LA, you will save me an airline ticket. Thanks

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  1. Not QUITE either of the things you requested, but I had an unbelievable coconut bundt cake at Alcove not too long ago. Great frosting, and the cake was SO moist. Best of all, they put what tastes like white chocolate chips at the bottom of the pan, so when the upend it, there is this little crust of burned white chocolate beneath the frosting. And the coconut was like snow.

    damn, I just drooled a little on my keyboard!

    Alcove is on Hillhurst, just north of Franklin.

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      An important discovery. Until recently, I have avoided the cream pies (chocolate, coconut, banana) at the venerable Pie n' Burger because they came topped not with cream, but with meringue, a vastly inferior pie lubricant. But last week, I asked the waitress to knock the offending meringue off the pie and replace it with freshly whipped cream, and - voila! - wonderful coconut cream pie! I felt like friggin' Lewis and Clark or something.

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        The coconut layer cake at Sweet Lady Jane on Melrose. Excellent.

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        All the desserts I've had at Alcove have been outstanding. I asked if they made the cakes etc. in house and was told they have several private off-site bakers who bake for them daily.

      3. Someone brought coconut cupcakes to the Chow Fiesta -- about three times the size of normal cupcakes, and delish!

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          Those were absolutely the best coconut cupcakes I ever tasted. They were from Auntie Em's Bakery, 4616 Eagle Rock Blvd.

          I also like the very moist coconut macaroons from Portos.

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            I like the Coconut Cupcakes from Auntie Em's, but I don't think that cream cheese frosting is the way to go...I wish that "Em just topped them with regular buttercream icing.

            If you're ever down Anaheim-way, check out the COCONUT CREAM PIE MILKSHAKE at Sonic Burger! What an idea!

            Have you tried McConnell's Coconut Ice Cream or the Coconut Ice Cream at Eiger's Ice cream in Brentwood?

        2. The best coconut dessert I have had in LA is the coconut cake at ASIA DE CUBA. Best check if they still have it on the menu.

          Asia de Cuba
          8440 W Sunset Blvd
          West Hollywood, CA 90069
          Phone: (323) 848-6000

          1. Phillipe's, 'nough said.

            1. They don't have it every day, but when they do, the Coconut Cream Pie at THE APPLE PAN is excellent. The best I ever had was at ED DEBEVIC'S on La Cienega but I believe it is now closed.