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Aug 2, 2009 06:21 PM

Northampton MA

Just reporting in... went to Northampton this morning and tried Sylvestor's - didn't get in, but I tried:) Crowded. I've eaten there before but this is the second Sunday in a row I got denied and would have had to wait for 30 plus minutes for a seat. Love the food and menu.

I ended up eating at a little diner that resembled a train by the depot. This is the second time I've eaten there. And for the second time, I have to say the wait/service is as bad as it gets. The reason is they have one cook and one waitress. Last time I went I promised I'd never go back having waited an hour for a simple omelotte. This time I only had to wait forty minutes for some eggs, bacon and french toast. The prices are reasonable and the menu is cool but I don't think I'll ever go there again because the wait for food or even to order is absurd. I think locals go there due to the low prices and everywhere else is so crowded. Anyone else feel the same way about this place?

Afterwards we walked around and got Mimos Pizza for dinner (home of very large slices). I was tempted there by some talk on this web site and yes, they are huge slices and pretty good to boot.

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  1. That place is still open? As a past long time resident and member of the n'ton restaurant scene; I can honestly say I have never heard of ANYONE going there. For a time they served beer and had a really late closing so I can say I have drank in there but would never eat there. Next time check out Jake's over by the Calvin. The food is not all that Sylvester's is but its simple and honest and the wait is usually a lot less.

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      It's called Kathy's Diner - I think. It's always full of young locals (look like band members) who want affordable food. Both times I went it was fairly crowded so a bad review or bad thoughts on service is meaningless to them. It's not worth the wait though. The wait is so long that it's a mind game. I actually gauge am I better off waiting forty minutes for a plain bacon and egg meal or stand outside Sylvestors for forty minutes to get a table in anticipation of a good meal.

      Haven't been to Jake's, but I will. How's the Mosiac Cafe by Packard's?

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        Never went to that diner because I heard it was awful. Miss Flo's in Florence is a decent diner experience, and Look Restaurant a bit farther west on Rte 9 has a great breakfast.

    2. In my opinion, Sylvesters is not bad but so not worth the wait. The Green Bean serves a great breakfast, Amanouz is not bad, Jakes is fine. Never been to the train car diner.

      Mosiac Cafe is pretty good, nice crepes. Give them a try. I get the sense they may still be ironing out some kinks. There is another thread on the board discussing them if you want more info. Look here -

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        Your killin the Diner people with the "train car" stuff. Kathy's diner was never a train car, it has always been a diner.