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Aug 2, 2009 05:00 PM

kefir in NASA (HOU) area

I'm dividing my time these days between Chicago and Houston (where I was born and raised and where I inherited a place in Friendswood when my mom passed away in 2007). I'm surprised not to find kefir (a wonderfully tangy cultured sour milk popular in Russia and Europe; it's all over Chicago, and I brew my own there with kefir seeds); it has proven digestive health benefits [more than yogurt] from active bacteria and uses in a lot of recipes [like cold beet soup, which is an ideal repast for the summer heat]. I figure that Whole Foods stocks it, but there's not one nearby. Any kefir sightings in the NASA/Clear Lake area?

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  1. if there's a Trader Joe's nearby, you can get it there. mainstream supermarkets that have an organic or "natural foods" section also sometimes have it in a separate dairy case located near those items.

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      GHG - there are no Trader Joe's in Texas - at all! But you might find it in the Organic section at Kroger's.

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        Wade, you probably WONT find it in Clear Lake at all. Some of the biggest Fiestas have it, and of course Central Market and Whole Foods. My best suggestion is either the "flagship" Kroger on El Camino, or the BIG Randalls at CLC Blvd and Space Center -- check with the Dairy Manager.

    2. I saw it at HEB on 646 in Dickinson yesterday. It was in a yogurt area.

      1. in Nassau Bay - they have a farmers market every Saturday from 10am - 2pm. Normally a lady has the Kefir, goat cheese etc.

        There is also a farmers market in Clear Lake Shores - 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month - same products, just a little farther from Friendswood

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