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Aug 2, 2009 04:19 PM

Mazatlan 25th anniversary dinner

Can anyone suggest a nice (read as good) restaurant to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary on an upcoming October Wednesday night in Mazatlan please. Possibly a little upscale and special in a casual way?
My problem is that I do low fat but very vegetarian, and my bride will eat anything, especially seafood. I know a seafood locale like Mazatlan is not a great place for me, but I am easy to please under those constrictions and not too demanding.

Topolo seems to come up as a nice place, but I have no knowledge of that fact.

Mazdee, could you chime in on this with your suggestions (as I have read alot of your posts)? Or any others who might have some insights to my situation.

Regards, and thanks in advance.

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  1. Just saw your post, Handyman. The vegetarian part has me stumped at the moment. IOne place that does come to mind is IL Mosto, a mediterranean restaurant on the Plazuela Machado. The food is quite good. I like sitting outside to watch the activity in the plazuela, but the dining room is AC, if that is necessary. They have some good salads, plus some veggie appetizer choices like eggplant in tomato sauce, sauteed mushrooms, maybe some others.
    Here is the menu for Topolo. It is very beautiful and romantic.
    If I think of others, I will let you know. Happy Anniversary! Dee

    1. What exactly do you mean by "very vegetarian"? Do you eat fish? Do you eat dairy products? Eggs? Are you a vegan? How do you feel about animal fat and/or butter? etc. If your answers are mostly "no," you may have big trouble.

      Dee's suggestion about Habaneros (formerly Topolo) is an excellent one. The owners are extremely nice and very helpful. I'm almost certain that if you emailed them and explained your situation they might well create a special meal for you according to your specifications. It's certainly worth a try.

      And there's essentially no restaurant in Maz that is not "casual." Habaneros is upscale and special. (Dining in an interior courtyard of a historic building with a charming garden, and extremely professional service, but with quite reasonable prices.)

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        Great idea to ask Topolo to provide a special menu! (BTW, I think they still call the restaurant Toplo, and the wine bar Habañero). I think that would be a very nice choice.
        One place I forgot to mention (and was reminded by several people on a local forum) is Casa Loma. It is an old favorite here, very nice, very good food. Their menu is on-line, take a look.

        1. re: MazDee

          Thank you all for your suggestions. I will do some further research and take your great recommendations into account.

      2. Here's another suggestion, though not as good as Habaneros. (And Dee, both the restaurant and the bar are now Habaneros, not Topolo--I asked the Owners why they changed the name and they said it was to "avoid confusion" with the "old" Topolo and for legal reasons.)

        Angelo's "gourmet" Italian restaurant at Pueblo Bonito Mazatlán meets at least two of your criteria. It's a beautiful restaurant and could be deemed "romantic." The furnishings, decor, and service are definitely upscale, but diners dress very casually. And I KNOW it has vegetarian entrees and starters. I called the Concierge at PB and she kindly emailed me a copy of Angelo's menu. (I can send the menu along to you if you're interested and willing to give me your email address. It's a small MS Word document.)

        Meatless, seafoodless dishes include:

        Spaghetti Pomodoro alla Lerry ($130)
        Ravioli di Formaggio in Pomodoro Sauce ($160)
        Pasta al Gusto with choice of sauce/style: Arrabiatta, Carbonara (assuming they will make it without bacon or prosciutto), Putanesca, Pesto, a la Jardinera ($130)
        Crema di Fungi alla Panna e Vin Santo ($70)
        Crema di Pomodoro alla Toscana ($70)
        Zuppe di Cipolle alla Parmigiana ($60)
        Insalata Pomodoro, Mozarella e Pesto ($85)
        Insalata Toscana ($85)
        Insalata Noci Cicatti ($85)
        Insalata Cesare (for 2)--assuming they will make it without anchovies ($200)
        Calzone di Ricotta e Spinacio ai Marinara ($80)
        Melanzane Parmigiana ($80)
        Brushetta ai Pomodori e Mozzarella ($70)

        Prices are in Mexican Pesos. The actual menu has fuller descriptions of the dishes in English and Spanish. And, of course, there are a great many dishes featuring fish, shellfish, or meat.

        The prices are a little dear. Angelo's food is pretty good (i.e. above average for Maz), but it is Italian food and VERY few people come to Mazatlán to eat Italian food. Many of the clientele are Mazatlecos, not tourists.

        Happy anniversary and Saludos!

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          Oops. My email address is DLGLIDDEN@AOL.COM.

          And many old-timers and locals still refer to the restaurant as "Topolo" (as do I, from time to time).

          As an example of what Fernando will do for customers, my wife had Crema de Cilantro soup the last time we were there. It was delicious and I asked Fernando if he would "share" the recipe (expecting him to say "of course not, it's proprietary"). He went into the kitchen and returned with the recipe. Oddly enough, it was in an old Williams-Sonoma cookbook. We took notes but after we returned to the US I couldn't find them, and the book was out of print. I emailed Fernando explaining the situation and he responded by copying the entire recipe from the cookbook into his email reply. That's service well above and beyond the norm. Also, Habaneros (and Angelo's, for that matter) has a very good wine list and selection of tequilas.

        2. Hi i think i have a good place for you guys, as someone livinig in mazatlan Olas Altas Steakhouse in Old Town Mazatlan is a place we go to for special occasions. Dont let the name fool you, Ken the chef will prepare anything for you given the notice. Just let him know ahead of time and i am sure he will be quite obliging. they do fantastic seafood as well. I think their highest price is aroun $400 pesos. The setting is great opposite the water, with a casual elegance. Enjoy your night!