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Aug 2, 2009 03:56 PM

The Wing Bar on Smith St.

Just noticed that a new place has arrived on Smith St. Has anyone been yet? Looks like it could be tasty

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  1. I haven't been but the Cobble Hill blog has a shot of its menu ( I appreciate that they have a good amount of vegetarian options!

    But I'm more interested in what it's like as a bar rather than a restaurant. I think Smith Street really could use a laid back bar that isn't a total dive (like the Boat) or a little bit too nice for everyday outings (like The Jakewalk) - something similar to Abilene would be great.

    I may have to go this weekend and will report back if I do so!

    1. Popped in last night and while I ordered the wrong thing (cheese steak - don't know why - motz , onions and Steak-um's), I will go back. The wings looked good - okay it was 12:00 and I was too hungry for wings. Anyway, most importantly they were serving food at 12:00! On Smith street! I talked to the friendly bartender and was told they plan to offer food until 1:00. Note, they can and should do something about the beer selection: ML, Bud (I think, but two generic beers anyway), and Captain Morgan (beer) which while not bad, but not great either. Did I already write that they will be serving food until 1:00!?!

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        we went last night too, and although did not try the food I thought it was a great place - really nice outdoor area, super friendly servers and bartenders and beer prices were really reasonable. We usually go to pj hanleys for outdoor area but really loved the space here.

        1. re: illya

          I have been twice in the last week and I am happy to report this Wings are very Solid!
          They are meaty, good texture and a well balanced crisp edge. The homemade auce that the Dad makes, (his sons and daughter are all partners. I haven't tried the hot, only medium, but, while fine for my taste I could imagine more hardcore heat lovers migt even find those slightly on the tame side, Though there is a really nice tangy backbone to the sauce and just a great overall consistentcy and flavor. It hits most if not all the right notes. The onion strings are GREAT! With some hesitaion in hoping to avoid any sort of mass produced items, even the jalapeno poppers were tasty, especially when rolled in some of the wing sauce. IWhile better than average found at most bars in the city, as they get settled in (less than two week old) they are NOT yet making their own blue cheese dressing ( in the works) As well, The cheesesteak was relayed to me as being very solid, although the previous review said otherwise, and I was hoping to hear better, they also have what was described as a monster Burger. Really it's a comfy place with a good vibe, a family biz, and hell, at least for the time being, Pitchers of Bud are only $7.50 !
          A great addition to the hood, especially for the after midnight crowd.
          Def worth a visit, although I don;t see this place really developing a non eating bar crowd environment, though there is a garden, they don't have much on tap and there doesn't seem to anyone who is a bartender by trade working there. Stick to Grat Bar Harry!

          Wing Bar
          275 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

          1. re: goodtimeguy

            the place is always packed which is a great sign for great food to me. i've tried their steak sub and it's delicious! their bartender is great. i love their fireflys...sweet tea vodka yum!

            1. re: dirtysouth

              you know, the back garden is always empty, which to me is the biggest draw, but you're right the front is full. I still have not tried to food but the garden is just so relaxing. No kids, no music, no scene, no crowds - just a nice back yard garden.

              1. re: illya

                I took the GF here the other night for the first time, nice space, like the idea, but the execution was a bit poor. We ordered a side of corn on the cob to start, and soon out comes 3 pieces of corn which had been fried, I've never seen it before, it tasted terrible and we sent it back, no clue why they don't grill them. Anyways, for mains, I had an order of hot wings, they were fine, but the hot sauce is a joke, more like a mild. GF had the veggie burger. First time it came out it was still frozen in the middle. Second time it came out, GF noticed a hair in her fries. She was actually quite enjoying the veggie burger until she discovered the hair, and we both thought the fries were rather good. Service was sub-par. When we asked one waitress if she could bring out some mustard, she replied "I don't know if we have any, it's my first day." How do you not know if there's mustard in your restaurant? At one point, we noticed all 3 servers and the cook were outside smoking a cig, leaving a rather full main space without anyone to ask for anything. They comped most of our meal, though I would've been upset if they hadn't, don't think we'll be going back any time soon which is unfortunate because I really wanted to like this place.

                Wing Bar
                275 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

      2. Okay, I went back for a burger and wings. Let me first say, I live around the corner and have longed for a place to get a burger, wings and fries locally and late. Additionally, I know they are just opening; however, they do have issues:

        They use bottled blue cheese dressing - normally not something I would complain about, except they are "Wing Bar"...i.e. wings should be solid, and how good can they be dumped into Marie Calendars?

        The Burger-bun ratio was off, but this is objective to be sure

        They might also benefit from cooking their fries in two batches (assuming you like them to be remotely crisp) and not cutting the tomatoes days in advance, but maybe I am being to critical?

        Really, I want to see them work - I imagine someone from the place will read this (I would hope) and I offer these suggestions: make you own bc dressing (try equal parts mayo, sour cream and BC, add a little shallot or garlic and a bit of white vinegar for starters and alter as you see fit), cook your fries in two batches so they are not 100% soggy, get other beers on tap (SN, Six Point, something...), and lastly, take control of the bar and staff (friendly & nice are great, but there should be a clear line between the customer and staff which is lacking). Of course a buy-back now and then is nice too...

        Good luck

        Wing Bar
        275 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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        1. I stopped by Wing Bar last night. The place has a great laid back vibe. Friendly staff, friendly crowd.

          I thought the wings were probably the best I've had. They must have worked on the blue cheese since some of these reviews because it was really good. The veggie burger was good, the fries were excellent, and something called fried brussel sprouts were AMAZING. Love love love them.

          Great place and a great addition to the hood. I will be back.

          Wing Bar
          275 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231