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Single Beer bottle sales - Seattle

justcallmary Aug 2, 2009 03:54 PM

I'm an odd beer drinker in that I like flavor, but not hops. I don't drink beer except in hot weather (like now) and am interested in trying different brews. Most micro-brew beer is only available in six-packs. Can anyone suggest places to buy micro-brew singles in Seattle?



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  1. h
    H2ohdog RE: justcallmary Aug 2, 2009 04:03 PM

    Husky Deli in West Seattle on California Ave sells single bottles of local micros.
    I especially like the Trade Route Brewing Company's Pandan Brown Ale or Purple Yam Porter.

    1. paulj RE: justcallmary Aug 2, 2009 05:09 PM

      You can buy singles from any of the packs at Trader Joes.

      1. p
        PaqpIn RE: justcallmary Aug 2, 2009 10:50 PM

        Full Throttle Bottles in Georgetown http://www.fullthrottlebottles.com/
        and I think Bottleworks in Wallingford also sells singles

        1. frygirl RE: justcallmary Aug 3, 2009 01:11 PM

          I've bought single microbrews from pretty much every grocery store in Seattle...Safeway, QFC, Ballard Market, Greenwood Market, Ken's Market, Central Market. I just grab individuals from the 6 packs and the checkers have never questioned it.

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