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Aug 2, 2009 03:38 PM

Weekend in Louisville, any recommendations?

Will be spending the weekend in Louisville and would love some places to go from the Hounds!
We need breakfast lunch dinner and happy hour suggestions, also any neighborhoods that are good to stroll and pick a spot to stop for a nibble? Any "must eat" places there?


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  1. Lynn's Paradise Cafe for breakfast - but get there early or you'll have to wait an hour.

    And be sure and eat a Hot Brown while you're there.

    1. hit Bardstown Rd for serious good eats... Lily's for a fresh from the farm to the table eats, Palermo Viejo for good Argentine food, Ramsi's for an eceltic mix, Mayan Cafe (Downtown) for Mayan food, Besides Bardstown Rd for eats, check out Frankfort Ave for good eats...

      1. Toast on Main, Blue Dog Bakery, and Wild Eggs are other good options for breakfast. 732 Social for drinks and dinner is highly recommended.

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          thanks for all the tips, we got to Wild Eggs, it was wonderful and had a fabulous dinner at yummy still dreaming about the fish tacos there, Louisville did us right! Great little town!