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Aug 2, 2009 03:15 PM


Hi, I want to take a date to either a cooking course or preferably a cocktail course. Most course I have found last over 4 hours. Does anyone know of courses in the city which aren't as long?

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  1. You might want to check out the Institute for Culinary Education.
    Here's an example:
    It's three hours. They should have a new listing for more classes, for September-December coming out online around August 15. Most of their cooking classes (but not all-depends on the topic and the instructor) tend be more like four hours. The website lists specific times-check out the calendar listing. Great idea for a date.

    1. I Trulli's wine store, Vino, offers classes and wine tastings. While there don't seem to be any classes right now (probably start again in the fall), they are offering wine tastings every Thursday.

      1. My sister and BIL just took one of these classes at Astor Wines (Astor Center). I think it was this "Cocktail Lab" class. They enjoyed it. There are other classes offered -- the one called "10 Most Famous Hotel Bars" sounds like it could be a good idea for a date -- and they are only 2 hours (but the hotel one is not until September).

        1. Take a look at this site. I attended & enjoyed a class 2 yrs ago.

          1. Moore's Brothers, the highest rated wine shop in the city by zagat (29), offers wine tastings/courses quite often. They specialize on European wines. Whenever I have gone here, they have always been incredibly insightful and I take home a winner. They have wine at every price range also