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Aug 2, 2009 03:11 PM

Best way to use quality Heavy Cream

I splurged at the farmers market (union square) and bought some pricey organic quality heavy cream from Milk Thistle Farms. I used it to make an extremely successful carbonara with some bacon I had from at trip to Blue Hill at Stone Barns last weekend. But I really don't know what else to make with this nice heavy cream.

The woman at the Milk Thistle stand said it whips up like a dream so I suppose I will try that - but any other suggestions for recipes that really make the quality of the cream shine? Any good uses for heavy cream that I could make at home this week?

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  1. I'm thinking something in the blancmange department -- maybe not that exactly but something cold and not too sweet, that will enhance the cream's natural richness without overwhelming it with a million flavors, while letting it be the star of the show.

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      What you're thinking of is an Italian dessert called panna cotta (cooked cream). It's basically just good heavy cream cooked with sugar, gelatin, and vanilla bean, then chilled in a mold. It's absolutely heavenly and pretty easy to make. You can serve it alone or dress it up with a sauce - a red fruit coulis is traditional.

    2. Poured straight over lightly sugared sliced peaches or strawberries would be a simple treat.

        1. Ice cream, custard, creamed spinach, creamed onions.

          General instructions for Elizabeth David's Poulet a la creme at the top of this thread--

          For a really quick mousse mix a tablespoon each of good cocoa, sugar, and cognac or scotch, a cup of heavy cream, and whip in a nitrous oxide cream whipper (for the lightest result) or with a mixer or by hand with a whisk.

          Milk Thistle is pricey, but really excellent quality. Our toddler doesn't generally drink a lot of milk, but we got a half gallon of Milk Thistle whole milk ($7 + $1 bottle deposit), and he finished it within two days. It could get to be a very expensive habit.

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            All great suggestions. Thanks.

            Yes, I love Milk Thistle milk - I do buy a quart of their skim or low fat milk every week - when you get in the routine of returning the bottles its not so bad.

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              concur with the ice cream recommendation.
              perfect for this time of year as many fruits are at the peak of their season now.
              you can make the other recommended dishes in the middle of winter with a new supply of cream

            2. I'd let it ferment and make a good creme fraiche. But I write this because I've been wanting to do just that. I just don't have the cream!