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Best Gazpacho and/or Cold Soup?

On hot summer days, it seems like the only thing I want to eat is cold soup. Especially gazpacho. What place - restaurant or market - makes your favorite? Thanks.

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  1. I haven't found a really good one in LA, but in Irvine I liked the version at Bistango. I don't really like the scene there, but they put avocado cubes in the gazpacho that adds nice depth and body to this refreshing soup.

    1. Mendocino Farms will usually have a gazpacho or a chilled soup in the summer as part of their rotating daily specials.

      1. Every year I go on a Blues Music cruise and Holland America has really fabulous cold fruit soups in their dining rooms. If you are ever on board a Holland America ship check them out. Now I'm craving them and I have to wait until January!!

        1. Fresh & Easy Marketplace actually has a pretty decent gazpacho soup.

          1. i made chow's watermelon gazpacho last night and it was wonderful! if you have the time to diy, i'd try this recipe. http://www.chow.com/recipes/10636

            it felt really nice to put all these seasonal ingredients to good use. very refreshing and super tasty.

            1. I love the gazpacho at Gelson's. It's not overly pureed, and has a good chunks of flavor. It used to be that the different Gelson's had different recipes, but that seems to no longer be the case. At least, I get very similar gazpacho at the ones in Sherman Oaks, Encino, and Tarzana.

              I used to lie the Daily Grill gazpacho, but have not been there in a very long time.

              1. I just had a yummy heirloom gazpacho at Tender Greens in West Hollywood. I think it was just seasonal. It was pretty hearty and garlicy.

                1. In Irvine, try "The Pleasant Pheasant"

                  Any one remember the old Velvet Turtle for gazpacho? some of the best ....!

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                    Hey I remember that. And wasn't there a restaurant called The Pleasant PEASANT in Downey? Is it the same guy as Irvine?

                  2. Thanks everybody. A friend of mine read this and heartily appreciated the Velvet Turtle reference. I also like Gelsons and The Daily Grill for gazpacho. And I'm intrigued by the cruise ship's fruit soup.

                    Now how about Vichyssoise?

                    1. Le Pain Quotidien has excellent authentic Gazpacho. Urth Cafe is also good.

                      1. Had a great one at Porta Via in Beverly hills. I had good body, with tiny chunks of the ingredients left intact. Very refreshing.

                        I was a little disappointed with the heirloom tomato and watermelon salad, though. It was almost entirely watermelon. I went home and had a sandwich afterward.

                        1. Just had one at Real Food Daily (West Hollywood) last night that was superb. I love it when gazpacho is chunky as opposed to pureed, but chunky ones often just taste like salsa. This one had the perfect amount of chunkiness while still tasting like soup and nothing at all like salsa.

                          Also, Rose Cafe in Venice has had a really nice cold cucumber and avacado soup for a few weeks now. Call first but they probably still have it. Tastes like drinkable guacamole ... mmmm.

                          1. La Serenata di Garibaldi has probably the WORST one, and this is from a restaurant I really like, by theirs has mayo in it, would you believe.

                            1. I recently had a DELICIOUS cold cucumber soup at Le Saint Amour but it was a special so you'd have to call ahead.