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Aug 2, 2009 02:30 PM

Best Gazpacho and/or Cold Soup?

On hot summer days, it seems like the only thing I want to eat is cold soup. Especially gazpacho. What place - restaurant or market - makes your favorite? Thanks.

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  1. I haven't found a really good one in LA, but in Irvine I liked the version at Bistango. I don't really like the scene there, but they put avocado cubes in the gazpacho that adds nice depth and body to this refreshing soup.

    1. Mendocino Farms will usually have a gazpacho or a chilled soup in the summer as part of their rotating daily specials.

      1. Every year I go on a Blues Music cruise and Holland America has really fabulous cold fruit soups in their dining rooms. If you are ever on board a Holland America ship check them out. Now I'm craving them and I have to wait until January!!

        1. Fresh & Easy Marketplace actually has a pretty decent gazpacho soup.

          1. i made chow's watermelon gazpacho last night and it was wonderful! if you have the time to diy, i'd try this recipe.

            it felt really nice to put all these seasonal ingredients to good use. very refreshing and super tasty.