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Aug 2, 2009 02:15 PM

any cilantro and mushroom recipe ideas.

I have lots of both and while turning leftover pot roast into taquitos with tons cilantro and onion, I started picking out the bite size mushrooms and they tasted really good with the cilantro.

Yes, I will google, just wondering if anyone already has something they like a lot and can share.

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  1. orange juice, buffalo hot sauce and chopped cilantro, for a marinade for chicken then grill.

      1. I saw featured stuffed shrooms this morning. I am thinking a ton of cilantro instead of parsley would be nice.

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          I like this idea, but would take it a step further in the Tex-Mex direction and replace the sausage with chorizo.

        2. I like to make Bob Green's broccoli, mushroom and tofu stir fry. I always add extra broth, sesame oil, and other sauce ingredients because this doesn't seem like enough to me. I also add lots of cilantro at the end. Yummy! =)

          1. I make garlic mushroom crostini with a TBS of salted butter with a tsp of oil saute lots of minced garlic till scented, toss in chopped mushrooms and cook till water has boiled off, drop in a handful of chopped cilantro and juice of half a lemon, and allo to dry further. Yop on toasted slices of ciabatta (sp?) or any other vessel for your dip