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Aug 2, 2009 01:58 PM

New York Foodie Family in the Cape

Family from NYC vacationing in Orleans, Cape Cod. Two parents, two adult children. We are looking for local, casual suggestions mostly for lunch and dinner. One of the children is in the restaurant business in NYC. We would love to have authentic (not touristy) lobster/clam shack type food as well as one or two places a bit nicer. Also we are interested in specialty markets or farmers markets to get items to cook at home. We would like to keep the travel distance to around 1/2 hour. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Orlean's Farmers Market is Sat morning at Old Colony Way, near Chocolate Sparrow, Orleans Center. The last time we went we got there at 9am and some of the choice produce was already gone.

    We love ABBA for dinner which is Israeli, Thai and French. An odd combination but very good.

    In Chatham we like Vining's Bistro (on Main St above the Dunkin Donut) and Pisces on Rt 28.

    1. It's all in Wellfleet - you'll love it. There is a place right on the harbor gourmet and fabulous - both casual and upscale - you'll need to go twice.

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        What is the name of the place on the harbor?

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          We are in Welfleet now. The neame of the harbor place is Macks seafood. Great food. You order at a counter and seat yourself at picnic tables on the harbor - Fantastic place, byob, good food. Prices are reasonable. Highly recommend.

      2. If you set your sights on a destination out of town, give yourself an hour to get there.

        Check out the Orleans Whole Foods store on Main Street and the cheese shop next door.

        Try Cap'n Cass's at Rock Harbor for seafood and sunset.

        Check our Hole in One. They make their doughnuts on premises. None of the mass produced stuff you'll find everywhere else.

        Cottage Street Bakery also worth a visit.

        1. In Orleans, Mahoney's Atlantic Bar and Grill is a quality, casual restaurant
          Or Abba Restaurant for a great dinner, Israeli/Thai
          Just below the Orleans Rotary is Sir Cricket's Fish & Chips, mostly takeout with a very small seating area, beverages by vending machine. They do fried seafood right, and have great french fries. Right next door is Nauset Seafood Market for fresh fish.

          In Eastham is Arnold's, a world-class (but touristy) clam and lobster bar. Cash only, excellent onion rings, fried seafood especially clams, steamed lobster, raw bar. My friend a chef in a noted Napa CA restaurant holds Arnold's in high esteem.

          Nauset Beach Club in East Orleans is excellent Northern Italian for dinner; Brewster Fish House in Brewster is my favorite Cape restaurant, but has little seating and so long waits unless you arrive early 5pm - 5:30.

          All suggestions are well within your travel restriction.

          1. The Red Pheasant on Rte. 6A in West Dennis is not to be missed. It's pricey, but worth it. The menu reflects the local farming bounty, and does it well. I am also a fan of the Cottage Street Bakery in Orleans. (My husband and I have been going to the Cape all of our lives, and have had it with all of the fried seafood.) Also, check out the website for Edible Cape Cod, which highlights restaurants, etc, which utilize local resources. There is a wonderful artisanal bakery in Hyannis (they had a fire a couple of years ago, but re-built, i believe), which was just phenomenal. You could probably find them in the Edible Cape Cod publication. Best of luck. We haven't visited in a couple of years, and I miss the Cape dearly.

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              I'll 2nd the Red Pheasant as a can't miss destination. It's my favorite restaurant on the Cape (though I must confess I've yet to eat at 28 Atlantic or ABBA which are both supposed to be amazing, too).