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Aug 2, 2009 01:42 PM

sending to a "shivah" house in roslyn

can someone suggest a place that will deliver either a platter of cookies or sandwiches to a roslyn? thanks

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  1. do you know if they keep a kosher home? that's an important consideration in this situation. even if they don't, your best bet is probably to post a query on the Kosher board requesting recs for a place that will deliver a shiva tray.

    ETA: i did a quick Google search, and Deli King in New Hyde Park will do it, though i have no idea if they're any good:

    1. bens deli - many locations all good and they do shiv'as all the time

        1. re: valmar

          actually, i'll second valmar's recommendation. our family has had shiva platters from Bagel Boss over the years, and all my LI cousins love their bagels.

          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            I concur, Bagel boss kosher dairy, Ben's for Meat. My mom passed last year and we catered from Bagel boss a few times for the week of shivah. Some cousins sent Shabos dinner from Ben's. Both excellent, Bagel boss ruggelach are really fantastic. The nova is the best I've had.

        2. You may also want to try Bruce's in Great Neck:

          1. You can try Kitchen kabaret in Roslyn. They are not kosher. Ben's if you need kosher but not Glatt Kosher(Ben's keeps a record of what other platers have been sent to the house). Bagel Boss is Glatt Kosher and they will send smoked fish, tuna, egg salad, etc.