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Aug 2, 2009 01:40 PM

Dumplings to cook at home?

Since Super 88 in Allston seems to have things only occasionally... does anyone have an Asian market they can recommend that sells frozen pork dumplings? Like a big bag of them that I can store in my freezer and pull a few out to steam when the mood hits.

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  1. I know that this is likely to be total blasphemy and subject me to overwhelming ridicule, however, that said, I am a huge fan of a fairly new product at Trader Joe's: Mini Cilantro Pork Dumplings. I find the little suckers to be delicious and addicting!

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    1. re: bakerboyz

      The TJ's dumplings (also the gyoza) are certainly better than some of the factory made crappy ones you can buy from the freezers in the Chinese markets (I'm often very scared of the meat they must use in them, less so of the TJ's ones though that's an uninformed feeling).

      That said, the ones at Wang's in Somerville are really good and I know you can find many many posts on others in the area. Some recent threads there if you do a search.

      Don't forget the Pelmeni you can find in many of the area Russian/East European markets, they can be good too (I've stuck with the meat ones, but there are interesting options like cherry, sauerkraut, potato. cheese...).

      1. re: Zatan

        Baza has a very good selection of frozen pelmeni (ravioli size) and manti (larger) with a variety of fillings. I prefer the manti because of the greater proportion of filling to wrapper.

        They also have their own fruit and cheese blintzes (in blini/crepes) as well as packages of blini if you wish to make your own fillings.

        1. re: peregrine

          Just up the street from Super 88 in Allston is Berezka, which also has excellent pelmeni. They're in the freezer case just to your right as you walk in the door.

          A tip: Get the ones that are folded to a kind of fortune-cookie shape, not the ones that look like round flat ravioli. The latter have inferior quality filling and also tend to fall apart.

          Berezka International Food Str
          1215 Commonwealth Ave, Allston, MA

    2. super 88 usually has frozen dumplings. they might not have the particular brand you're looking for but they almost always have frozen dumplings

      you could also try c-mart in chinatown, kam man marketplace in quincy, or any of the small korean markets around town (reliable market, mirin, john's market, lotte market, etc)

      you can also buy a variety of frozen handmade dumplings at qingdao garden, wang's fast food, and mulan

      1. Wang's on Broadway in Somerville. They are homemade and run around $13 or $14 for a bag of 50, I think.
        Not as cheap as mass produced Super 88 ones, but...homemade!!

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          Have got to agree with the Wang's rec - I get a bag or three every time I visit with friends. Nothing like buying 150 dumplings on a full stomach!

        2. Here's a link to a recent thread. If you scroll down, someone did an extensive tasting..

          I prefer Wang's and Mulan used to sell their dumplings in bulk and were very good. I don't find Chinese Spaghetti Factory to be as bad as that poster. Certainly not up to some of the other places; but very convenient for me and I usually have a bag in the feezer for a quick snack.

          1. Same here: Chinese Spaghetti Factory dumplings (notably the XLB) are always in my freezer. Most of the dumplings are better with a little pan frying, but if I'm in a hurry I will just steam them.


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            1. re: MC Slim JB

              Not to get too into homecooking, but theChinese Spaghetti Factory dumplings are also really good cooked in boiling water for a few minutes, and then pan-fried.

              1. re: bear

                Hmm, wonder if that's easier than using my steamer and then frying them.


                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  Give it a try. I was skeptical when my son told that it worked, but I like the ease and the results.

                  1. re: bear

                    Thanks for all of the advice everybody!

                    You can pan fry first, then add water and cover for 10 minutes on low, to finish steaming the dumplings. That way you are only using 1 pan as well!

                    1. re: Stellar D

                      Or in reverse, add some oil and a couple of tablespoons water to the pan, cover, and steam....the water will absorb and the dumplings brown in the oil that remains.

                2. re: bear

                  That's how I do 'em. I like the CSF dumplings as well.