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Aug 2, 2009 01:16 PM

Quebec City Microbrews

I have heard quite a bit about the quality of the microbrewing in Quebec. I'm making my first trip, and would like to sample the local beers.

Which beers/breweries should I not miss?

What are some good QC spots to find said beers, especially places that also serve tasty lunch food?

Thanks, chowhound!

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  1. You should definitely check out La Barberie. They brew some very fine beers.

    1. Two more to add to your list:
      L'inox on Grande-Allée
      Archibald in Lac Beauport, which is a little bit out of town. Their restaurant le Batifol is real good.

      1. A bit out of the city of Montreal (about a 45 minute drive) but the Le Brouemont located in Bromont is an excellent micro-brewery with excellent food (especially their burgers) and worth the trip.