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Aug 2, 2009 01:13 PM

Lamb Shawerma in Bellevue?

Oh no! My favorite spot for Lamb Shawerma, Truly Mediterranean, has closed...

Any ideas on where to find it now?

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  1. Mediterranean Kitchen - either downtown Bellevue or their new-ish Totem Lake (Kirkland) location.

    A couple meals here and you'll never think about Truly Mediterranean again.

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    1. re: CriticalEater

      Love Mediterranean Kitchen! Their Shwarma is a bit over the top garlicy...but who is complaining?! :-)

    2. I'm a big fan of the place straight across the street from MK, Garlic Crush.
      I haven't had the Lamb Shwarma there specifically, but I love alot of their other stuff.
      Their meat combo platter is great.

      It's much more casual, but cheaper.

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      1. re: GreenYoshi

        I was skeptical of Garlic Crush; I think my memory circuits were crossed and I had confused it subconsciouslly with the horrible, microwave-based cooking of Byblos Deli, which was located nearby. But Garlic Crush actually makes quite good sandwiches and very decent fries, and the way they combine the meats with hummus makes for a very sturdy cheap lunch. I recommend the kefta and both of the varieties of shawerma; and they offer a grilled lamb that I have not tried.

        Byblos Deli
        102 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

        1. re: equinoise

          I think Byblos was the Mediterranean place in that space previously.
          It was unmemorable at best.

          Perseopolis (the new version of Persian Grocery that used to be on Main Street) makes a lamb sandwich, that isn't quite a shwarma, but is pretty damn good. They're over on Northrup now.

          1. re: GreenYoshi

            Has Persepolis embraced signage/themes inspired by the graphic novel and film of the same name? That'd be slick.