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Aug 2, 2009 12:59 PM

Roast Meats Chinatown Problem

I have a problem. Roasted Delights on Catherine Street is where I used to get all my roast meats. I loved their Roast Pig, Pork, and Duck. But they closed. Great Ny Noodletown has good meats, but too often their line is out the door. Any suggestions on a new place for me to purchase my roast meats? I want roast pig with a crispy skin that hasn't been sitting around all day and gotten soggy. I dont want any garbage fatty roast pork that I've seen too often. Maybe somebody knows an off the beaten track gem, maybe east of Bowery?

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  1. Great question. I used to go to the place that preceded Roasted Delights, which was also the cheapest place around. I don't generally find a line at Noodletown, but I'd love other places to try instead, too. Glad you posted this, and I hope you'll be showered with suggestions.

    1. I've had very good roast pork from Big Wong on Mott, and have seen a number of others report the same on this board.

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      1. re: brettnyc

        How do they sell roast pork at Big Wong? Is it by the pound or do they just give a standard size? I couldn't find char siu on the menu except over rice.

        1. re: JungMann

          Yes its by the pound, and you can specify to them if you want fatty/lean/half-fatty half lean, etc..

          1. re: JungMann

            They sell the BBQ Pork in two sizes: small round container at $5.75 and large rectangular container at $11.00. Not sure of the weights...

            1. re: scoopG

              Interesting, I've never just specified large or small container, I've specified by the pound (and gotten half a pound). Perhaps its possible to do either, or perhaps one of the container sizes happens to work out to half a pound. I've gotten it to go, which may or may not have factored in.

              1. re: brettnyc

                I think you're right - as they do put the containers on a scale to check the weight!

              2. re: scoopG

                So it is by the weight, we've decided? I've had too many experiences in Chinatown where I request something by weight, but instead watch the counter clerk load a small container until it is brimming with more food than I can eat in a week whilst I am left to sputter "No thank you" in Mandarin and ineffectively gesticulate "No more" when my Mandarin runs out.

                1. re: JungMann

                  LOL! I think they've been pretty accurate with the weights in my experience, including with just half a pound.

          2. The only meat that I don't really like at Noodletown is the spare ribs, which I find too sweet-soylike (and, like Fida, I don't generally run into lines there either). Has anyone got a favorite rib source?

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              Long lines and a nasty lady at the cash register. Try Wing Wong-102 Mott Street- north of Canal Street.

              1. re: jfmirabella

                I second wing wong. i've been buying stuff from there for years.

                1. re: jfmirabella

                  Oh yeah? Is that lady as nasty as the one at Wonton Garden? lol.
                  I'll third Wing Wong. I think of Wing Wong as an off-shoot of Big Wong from when it was excellent (more than 15 years ago). Good congee too.

              2. got some baby pig from noodletown today..sure is tasty

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                1. re: FrankieLymon

                  I've got to try the suckling pig at noodletown, have not yet. From other posts on the topic, I believe the consensus was that Noodletown has the best suckling pig, but Big Wong has the best char siu. Cant remember reviews regarding Big Wong's roast duck, but I remember the boiled chicken getting very good reviews as well. So far I've stuck to the char siu at Big Wong and its been great.

                  1. re: brettnyc

                    Hsin Wong on Bayard has excellent suckling pig when available. I believe Sun Sai Kay also has suckling pig too.. Big Wong's Roast duck is excellent.

                    some more info that will help.....check out Grand Street.


                    1. re: fourunder

                      Do you prefer Hsin Wong's or Noodletown's suckling pig? Will have to try Big Wong's roast duck as well.

                      1. re: brettnyc


                        To be honest, I never met a Chinese Roast Suckling Pig I did not like. How they (Chinese Style) make the skin so perfectly crisp is amazing to me....and I am not one to usually use such superlatives to describe any food items.

                        For me it's a toss up. I enjoy both. My decision would come down to the specific pig available that day I was in Chinatown. I would opt for the less fatty pig, i.e., the amount of fat between the skin and meat.... Both stores are so close a visual inspection is easily attained. Lately, more of my purchases have been at HW, rather than NY Noodletown....FWIW

                        A word of note....My recollection is Hsin Wong only has the baby pig on the weekends.

                        As for the Roast Duck....the older generations definitely regard Big Wong as having the best.....probably since it has been around what seems forever and they are resistant to change. BW and the store below street level north and on the west side of Mott Street before Canal are two of the oldest stores I know of.

                        1. re: fourunder

                          Hey Forunder,

                          This is great, now I have an excuse to have both soon in a chinatown suckling pig taste test.

                          BTW is the other place you mention for roast duck(west side of Mott) Hoy Wong? I believe Hoy Wong is below street level on the west side of Mott, and remember reading a very positive post about it a while back, but haven't been yet.

                          1. re: brettnyc


                            I do not know the name of the store, but I'm sure we are thinking about the same place. Unlike others....I am really not so particular about Chinese Barbecue and Roasted meats. Put anyone's product in front of me and I'm a happy camper. My shopping usually is determined by the location I am visiting on a particular day, i.e., whether it's for dim sum or dinner. If I am purchasing a lot of, vegetables, produce and soy product, I tend to head over to Grand Street, as parking is easier to find for an out of towner. It's not the best barbecue option, but the prices are too cheap to ignore compared to Chinatown.

                2. The corner of Bayard and elizabeth sells good roast pig and duck. On the same block, Hsin Wong is another option for roast pig.

                  Big Wong does not sell roast pig but they have the best roast duck in my opinion.

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                  1. re: DarthEater

                    The corner of Bayard and elizabeth sells good roast pig and duck. On the same block, Hsin Wong is another option for roast pig.

                    FYI......both of these stores are owned by the same people/group. I agree with you that Big Wong has the best Roast Duck in Chinatown.

                    1. re: fourunder

                      My friend who supplies chicken and duck to Chinatown tells me that the Duck is no longer fresh but is supplied frozen. So there is a big difference in taste. We probably don't discern a difference since we can no longer compare fresh to frozen. Big Wong is the best as Noodletown often uses a microwave to reheat.

                      1. re: jfmirabella

                        i don't know about that. I've seen delivery trucks in Chinatown delivering freshly butchered pigs and ducks.

                        1. re: scoopG

                          Chickens are still fresh. Ducks are a few days old or frozen. Its expalained to me that the local slaughter houses can't compete with the price from upstate and long Island. . The large duck farms are slaughting themselves and delivering. You probably see my friends truck making the delivery in chinatown.

                        2. re: jfmirabella

                          Yeah, although you can intercept the nuking at Noodletown.