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Aug 2, 2009 12:58 PM

Would you push the expiration date on pre-made pizza dough?

I hope I don't lose all respect by admitting that I have some premade pizza dough in my fridge (Trader Joe's; I've never tried it before) or by being cheap enough that I'm interested in stretching it past the date, but the bag has an August 1st expiration and I probably won't get to use it until the 3rd. Should I toss it, or can I make it work for me 2 days past date?

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    1. You won't have a problem. Those expiration dates have more to do with a legal CYA than the actual usability of the product.

      1. I forgot to mention - it's in a plastic bag with a twist tie. When I bought it the bag clinged to the dough and had alot of slack in it; now it's inflated/blown up and is very tight - I assume that means the yeast is still happy?

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          Yes, your yeast is still chugging along. On the off chance that this is your first time working with pizza dough - I've used TJ's whole wheat before (not sure if I ever tried the regular) and found that the finished bottom crust was still rather raw-tasting. I don't have a pizza stone so I invert a heavy aluminum sheet pan and preheat that, then slide both parchment and the pizza onto the pan. Since then I read on this board that it's best to partially bake the crust before putting on the toppings. I haven't mae it since, but will follow that advice in the future.

        2. I make pizza dough and sometimes change my mind. What I do is throw it in the freezer and then use it another day. Just let it unthaw, and it will rise after awhile. Takes a little longer than normally.

          But I'm not sure what your concern is with the expiration date. I thought about it and what I keep thinking about is that dough that I think is called friendship bread. You knead it for so many days, then you make another starter using a bit of the orginal dough, and pass it on. That seems to work just fine..maybe I'm wrong. The yeast is a living thing, unless you kill it, there shouldn't be a problem, it's already fermented if that's what your concern is.

          1. I'd use it even if the expiration date for August 1st was in 2008.