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Aug 2, 2009 12:14 PM

BYO in Britain??

I'm of to London soon and wondering if there is BYOB in the UK at establishments that don't serve alcohol.

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  1. Some yes, others no. Its usually best to check before as some will not let you drink in there.full stop.

    Any places in particular?

    1. I don't know if there will be much difference in London from my part of the UK. I'd reckon many restaurants that don't serve alcohol do so for religious reasons and will also object to BYO.

      There will of course be some, but as already indicated it would be as well to check before turning up.

      1. A lot of places that are BYO do so because they can't be bothered with the hassle that goes with a drinks licence.

        We eat in a few places that don't serve alcohol (mainly Thai or fish n chips) and they're more than happy to provide glasses for your own wine/beer etc.

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          A bit of speedy Googling came up with loads of BYO options. Check these links out:

          Beware the hefty corkage fees in the smarter looking places though. Best to ring in advance and check.

            1. re: andi

              BYOB is rare in the UK and London compared to other countries. One place that does BYOB (but only on certain nights) is Bloody French in Notting Hill. Good food and no service charge as well to add to the savings.

              1. re: Gourmet Chick

                "BYOB is rare in the UK and London compared to other countries"

                Off at a slight tangent I know, but I'm curious to know which other countries you have in mind. In comparision with other European countries I visit, UK seems to welcome it more. Can't recall ever seeing BYO in our usual tourist destination neighbours.

        2. They are a bit spread out, but here are the BYOB establishments I know (and frequent ) in London:

          The Golden Hind (great fish & chips) - Marylebone
          Alounak (Persian) - West Kensington
          Jacobs - Gloucester Road
          Jaks - Walton St
          Both Jacobs and Jaks serve healthy armenian food in South Kensington

          1. My favourite is the long established Adam's Cafe in Askew Road, Shepherds Bush. Fab Moroccan food (sorry North African), ridiculously reasonable and delicious. Family run by an lovely family he is Tunisian and she is English and their 3 children work there too. Also well known to River Cafe crowd - apparently they are taken there for the River Cafe's Christmas parties.