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Aug 2, 2009 12:13 PM

Good value eats near Marina del Rey

Will be staying at the Ritz Carlton in Marina del Rey for nearly a week; and while I know that visiting LA means a lot of driving, I was hoping to find some good food close to where we're staying. Dare I ask about places we could even walk to? My daughter is a vegetarian but other than some options for her, we're open to almost any cuisine. Proximity is important but food quality has priority.

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  1. Good value means different things to different people. Can put a per person $ figure to what it means to you? For instance walking distance from your hotel would be Cafe Del Rey which, while not inexpensive, has quite delicious food and a nice view of the boats in the Marina.

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      Cafe Del Rey
      4451 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

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        fwiw, i would call the food served at cafe del rey very good value.
        this is a fine-dining restaurant which, when compared with others in its league, offers a lot for the money.
        of course, it is not going to be price-comparable to neighborhood casual restaurants.

    2. You should try Cafe del Rey for dinner or lunch at least once during your week stay. If you want value and casual for lunch, walk south about 1/3 of a mile to the Ralphs shopping center. There's a health food store that makes great sandwiches, soups etc for a very fair price. Perfect for your vegitarian daughter. There's a counter and picnic tables outside. Also, Ralphs Market has a very good take out counter, sandwiches made to order, salads, cold and hot prepared foods. Lots of choices. Again, tables inside or outside. You can mingle and meet some of the local folks. There's also a PinkBerry and a Sushi place in the same shopping center. There is the California Pizza Kitchen and the Counter for custom burgers all in the same center. Finally, about 2miles away is Joes. A fine restaurant in Venice that is great for lunch and dinner. Unless they've improved, I would avoid the restaurant at the Ritz Carlton. Over priced and not memorable. Enjoy your stay.

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        Good recs, Baron, esp. the Ralph's shopping center, buying lunch that way definitely cuts costs.

        Definitely like Hal's and they have good vegetarian & vegan options. No body has rec'd Cheesecake Factory in the marina, maybe bc it's trendy & chainy, but they do have an extensive menu, with lots of veg options, esp from the apps side, and the view is pretty decent. Most people can find something they like on the menu.

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          the name of that store is RAINBOW ACRES.

        2. I think C&O Trattoria has pretty good food, and is a real value, too. Not too far from the Ritz. It's not a chowish restaurant, but it's decent red sauce inexpensive italian.

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            it should be noted that there are actually two C&O restaurants operated by the same folks that are located about 1/2 mile from the ritz.
            the first, c &o trattoria is near the venice pier and does not take reservations.
            the other, c & o cucina is located less than a mile east of the trattoria, has a more extensive menu, and does take reservations.

          2. Also in Venice on Abbot Kinney blvd. is Hal's, a great space, with very comfy booths, artist/locals hangout and really good food at a fair price. My kids practically grew up on the chicken and fries and they almost always have some creative and delicous veggie dishes, including a really tasty ceasar salad. Also in a neighborhood that's fun to walk around.

            1. There's not a lot that's a short walk from the Ritz, but there's plenty that are medium walks (like 1/2 mile) or short drives.

              2nd the req for C&O trattoria - the food won't blow you away but the quantity will - its easily a place you can spend $10-$12 pp and have enough leftovers for 2 additional meals.

              Soup Plantation is located on the 2nd floor of the shopping center on Maxella between Lincoln and Glendon Way. All you can eat salad for about $10 and they take AAA discount. Perfect for your daughter. Also there is Antica Pizzaria, pretty reasonably priced Italian.

              In any case, there are tons of places in Venice and Santa Monica that are not too far to drive to that would be worthy, depending on how much you want to spend etc. Joe's in Venice as mentioned, Chaya on Main etc.

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                i believe that souplantation no longer takes the AAA discount.
                also, i would not recommend souplantation with it's sort of-almost-ok salad bar when the op will be located near 26 beach restaurant which serves top-of-the-line salads in a much nicer setting

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                  Agreed ... I remember being lured by the "idea" of Souplantation when I first moved to LA. Tried it a few times at a few different locations and wrote it off, the soup and salad there are basically horrendous. The salad bar at Gelsons (in the same building as the one at MDR) is far superior.