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Aug 2, 2009 12:01 PM

Looking for a great date restaurant downtown to go to with my boyfriend. Nothing super fancy but romantic. Recs?

He is coming from out of town (i'm a torontonian though). Anywhere downtown is okay but we are staying in Yorkville area.

Thanks so much

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  1. corner house (certain tables)
    niagara street cafe

    what sort of food do you like? what's your price range?

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    1. re: todc1996

      Agree with todc that more information would help... both "romantic" and "fancy" are pretty subjective terms. What are your Toronto favourites?

      In Yorkville, you might consider:
      1. L'Unita - it can be loud, and some might not consider that romantic... but the lighting is dark, the interior is warm, and I find it romantic a buzzy kind of way)
      2. Caren's Wine bar - I think any shareable food (like wine and cheese) is romantic... and the interior patio is a very pretty secret.

      Outside Yorkville:
      1. Toroito - Again, I think anything where you pick off the same plate is romantic, so tapas is good. Its dark and boite-y, and the sangria can really flow.
      2. Wine Bar Giancarlo - very pretty grotto-like room, nice Italian small plates, good service, reasonably priced

      1. re: Rabbit

        Second Rabbit's recs of L'Unita and Caren's:)

    2. For the atmosphere and the food, I love Amuse Bouche!

      1. Tati Bistro about a 10min walk from yorkville,
        Go on a nice day and sit outside.

        1. Hi All,
          Just giving a little more detail....
          We love sushi, bistros, thai, indian, french... You name it.

          Any sushi recs?

          I love Jamie Kennedy wine bar but haven't been in a very long time. Used to really like Susur *tear*

          Thanks everyone :-)