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Aug 2, 2009 11:50 AM

Bily's Restaurant in Barrington, RI

Hey All, I live in Warren and was just wondering if any foodies have been to Billy's in barrinton yet? I heard about it through the RI monthly awards, and am curious about the place! I searched for the menu online, but no such luck.....Please help me out, Jay.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Live in Bristol, went for Lunch at Billys on a rainy Sat. afternoon...3 people, we all had Marsala Burgers as made famous by the Original Bullock's in Warren. Very Good...
      Excellent bloody mary (which the bartender made the blend) good had two...

      It's a strip mall, but inside he must have spent a fortune...very swank. Lots of Wood, Beautiful bar. He should have a web page with a menu. Person next to me said the Onion Soup was the best he's had.....

      Also had an order of (thin) Home made not frozen Onion rings, Outstanding!

      It seemed to have a great "pub" luncheon menu, unfortunately I forgot to ask for a dinner menu to check it out........but based on what I had, would have no qualms about going back for lunch or dinner......Bartender recommended their pizza, with procutto..carmelized onions and figs...yes figs..but she said shes not a fig lover, but the figs made this an outstanding dish......
      Would say the bar seats maybe 50-60. One side is dining room, the other said is half dining room and half bar area. Several others said they had been there before and never suffered a disappointment. I hear the chef, was formerly the chef at Portsmouth Abbey....

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        Never heard of Billy's. Where exactly is this in Barrington? I want to go! I thought Barrington was a 'dry town' - what do they serve in the bar?

        1. re: OOliver

          Barrington is a dry town, but there are a few liquor licenses to be had and they have one of them. They have a full bar and great food. Don't let the outside fool you - it's very nice inside and the service is great.