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Aug 2, 2009 11:30 AM

place that does bbq for a rehearsal dinner

My future daughter in law would like me to do a bbq theme for the rehearsal dinner. Any suggestions for either catering or a location. thanks

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    1. It all does depend on your location.

      Sweet Lucy's in Northeast Philly has great food, and does on site parties and provides catering. The only problem is that for on-site parties they keep the restaurant open.

      Abnner's in Jenkintown and Duck Deli in Chalfont offer catering and have great food.

      1. In Chester County, Brandywine Picnic Park does private BBQ catering.

        1. Blooming Glen Pork does catering. I've had their pulled pork, and it's great. They also have a full menu of whole roasted pigs (luau, southern, etc.) that you can pick from.
          They're in upper Bucks, but could probably get to you wherever.

          1. It seems from your posts that you are West Chester-ish. There have been good reviews on this board for a local BBQ competitor who does some catering. I think the user name here is Gorp512, but I can't find the 2 threads that talk about it. Might be worth a shout-out.

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                I second Jimmy's - good food - and he does catering.