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Aug 2, 2009 10:24 AM

fresh passion fruit

Where can I find fresh passion fruit in quantity? I used to get it from Coleman farms in the farmer's market, but he no longer carries it. Thanks

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  1. I have occasionally seen fresh passion fruit in the produce departments of more ethnic supermarkets. You might look into the usual suspects. Here's a thread that was just posted recently and with some good responses already:

    Not that this helps you in any immediate sense, but you might also consider groups like Fallen Fruit, as well as any neighbors that have vines. Depending where you or your friends live, passion fruit can be easily grown in SoCal.

    1. I know Pavillians used to carry it-try the newly revamped one in's really nice, and huge...I can see them carrying passion fruit.

      1. Are you certain that Coleman Farms no longer carries fresh passion fruits? In August 2009, I visited their stand at the Wednesday market in Santa Monica, and bought fresh passion fruits from them on two separate occasions. On one Weds, they had the passion fruits. Then, on the next Weds, I didn't see them. Then, the passion fruits were back again on the following Weds.

        If anyone finds passion fruits at any other markets or location, please post to let us know.

        Someone posted (in a related thread), that frozen passion fruit pulp is available at Vallarta markets. I guess I can always use frozen pulp in place of the fresh product.

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          Yes! Coleman farms finally has passion fruit again, wed. and sat. markets. I stock up on it, It lasts for a long time in the fridge & freezes well. I have used the frozen pulp, by goya, which is the one at Vallarta. It is pretty good, but the fresh fruit is just so much better, even when you freeze it yourself. I'm considering growing my own. Thanks for your reply

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            Glad to hear that you did find the passion fruits at Coleman's. I'm new to the Santa Monica farmers market, and so far I've been to only the Weds market. Prior to reading your post, I didn't know that Coleman sells at the Sat market, too. On Saturdays, is Coleman at the market on Arizona and 3rd?

            Thanks for your comments on the frozen pulp sold at Vallarta. I've never tried it, but I assume that it would be hard to beat the fresh product (even if, like you said, I end up freezing the fresh product myself).

            Do you know how long it would keep in the freezer? I froze one batch for a week, and of course that was fine.

            1. re: nl06

              On Sat., Coleman has a very small stand at the west end of arizona on the south side, it is about 1/3 of the size of their stand on wed.

              I would think the frozen pulp could keep for 3-6 months maybe? Not sure I use it up so quickly.

        2. Wholesome Choice in Anaheim Hills. Huge quantities. Purple only.

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          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            I just got some at the Mar Vista Sunday farmers market. I only bought 5-6, but they have some there.

            1. re: AdamMiller

              I saw them as well - nice large purple ones for $5/lb.

            2. re: Das Ubergeek

              thanks du, anaheim hills is pretty far for me, but I would definitely go in a pinch. Do you know where they are grown?

            3. Three different vendors at Sunday Hollywood Market

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                Thanks, miwine. Can you post which vendors sell the passion fruits? I will try looking for them at this Sunday's market.