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Aug 2, 2009 09:58 AM


I've recently had a hankering for paella, but don't feel like making it myself. Problem is that I think that I make a really good paella, and long ago decided most restaurants can't.

For me, the rice is the key. Not to say that some lobster, chicken, and sausage aren't appreciated, but if the rice isn't good enough to shine on its own, the paella is flawed. I remember a long time ago eating leftover paella that had just been come from a restaurant in the Ironbound section of Newark, NJ. Even without re-heating it was fantastic.

So where can I get really good paella? I've searched the postings, but it sounds as if the last year has taken its toll of local restaurants, so I'm interested in recent experiences.

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  1. I think Toro's is pretty good, espcially the vegetarian version.

    1. Con Sol on Broadway in Cambridge is supposed to be a great place. You could also try Dali in Somerville.

      1. I've always liked the paella at Tapeo. I find paella sometimes too salty at the different restaurants I've tried them, but I like how Tapeo's version really allows all the different flavors of the chorizo and seafood shine through, not just feel like I'm sucking a salt lick.

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            ANTONIO'S in New Bedford. Best portugese around/// almost like being back in newark

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              I highly suggest you try Mimo's in New Bedford in the future. i learned about them through a Globe review and their food is soooo much better than Antonio's I can't tell you (esp the pork w/ clams and potatoes ,and the shrimp croquettes).

        1. I'm rather fond of my own version, but wouldn't hesitate to go to Prezza's for theirs.

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            I'll third the Prezza's rec, it's the best I've had in Boston, one of those where you want to make sure you scarf up every last grain of rice. And like most Prezza entrees it's large - my wife and I split one after an appetizer apiece and left stuffed.

          2. the toro non-vegetarian paella has been excellent the 2 times i have had it there. Dali's food is so dreadful, I would never send you there.(of all the 'popular' Boston restaurants i have tried in my 38 years here; Dali is the worst. But Chs, let's not get off-topic here; if you want to attack me about my Dali views, start a new thread.)
            As to non-expensive ethnic restnts, i wonder about casa portugal in inman sq.; it used to have great food.......

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              One of my favorite hobbies is Dali-bashing.