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Aug 2, 2009 07:35 AM

Looking for non-chain eats in Chesterfield/St. Charles Co. MO

Just moved to the area. Looking for good non-chain eats of all stripes. Originally lived in Chicago area and Champaign - both with lots of good ethnic eateries that are independently owned. Thanks!

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    1. Can you give any specifics at all as to what you are looking for type wise?

      Off the top of my head-

      Chesterfield- Millers Crossing, The Sushi Place past the mall(Used to be Yoshi's), Annie Gunns as mentioned, Surf Dogs in the valley,Gian Fabios, Paul Mannos, Mulligans,Viviano's.

      That is Chesterfield. I will wait for some input to talk about St. Charles.


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      1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

        C'mon St. Charles Co. hounds...are you out there? Don't tell me I am going to have to drive to Chesterfield to eat at decent non-chain restos?? Looking for both sanwich-type lunch places as well as nice sit-down.

        1. re: ddfry3

          There is a ton of non chain in St. Charles.

          The riverfron area is full of non chain choices. Have you been there?

          Also here are some others-
          Vivian's Vineyards on 2nd Street (Frenchtowne) in St. Charles.
          JJ's on Duschene has excellent burgers... (I don't care that much for this place but others like it)
          Vette's on Highway 94 makes a good burger
          The Pine Room in St Charles
          the Babylon on Mid rivers

          Cobblestone's on Main in St Charles
          Maybe another bar or two along Main.
          Big Muddy out by Newtown

          Beatnik's in Newtown

          Places I've had a good burger awhile ago-just haven't been to recently.
          the Corner Bar on First Capitol
          Rumple's Pub on Main
          Places that have been there awhile, but I haven't had their burger yet--
          Allin's diner on Kingshighway
          Lady Di's on Kingshighway
          Tubby's on Droste
          Duchesne bar and Grill
          Boschertown bar and Grill-just out 94 a little north of town-I think the kitchen is only open for lunch.
          Chicago Taste on Zumbehl
          Kokomo's and Binford's on Mid Rivers Dr
          R.T. Weilers on Main St.
          Big A's on main street
          Timber Creek Grill on Technology at K
          Allin's diner on Kingshighway(I like this place
          )Triple A Burgers at Elm and Kingshighway

          There are TONS of others. Up and down 94. All thrpough St. Charles City.


      2. Thai Gourmet
        Fratelli's for St. Louis Italian
        Miss Aimee B's -kind of a tea room -great for lunch or breakfast (but will nickle dime you for a group party and way too many rules
        Li'l Mickeys- carry out memphis BBQ related to the Neelys
        Mandarin Garden -inexpensive and yummy but caters to the surrounding area-I love the moo shu If you want Chinese more towards the authentic, head to Olive east of the innerbelt.

        Lots of Indian Restaurants in Maryland Heights and taquerias on Woodson Rd-not too far from St. Charles

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        1. re: wekick

          Thanks all for the recs...I knew there were places, just didn't know what the good ones were. Frankly I have not been too impressed with the far at the 4-5 places I have been over the last 18 months on Main St. in St. Charles. Seemed to cater to tourists - in that they don't feel a need to be really good, as a lot of people will be one-time diners strolling through the area. Maybe I am wrong.

          1. re: ddfry3

            I feel your pain... after living in the city for a long time and now dating someone in the county Im always looking for good places to eat.

            HamNEggs has great breakfast, Hwy K and N Ofallon
            Tachibana- Japanese food on Olive
            Surf Dogs in the Valley, you can a hot dog in over 12 different ways.
            Happy China my favorite Chinese in Dardenne Prarie on N.
            Bombay Grill- Indian food on K, Ofallon

            ps-Looking at this thread, I need to get out more!

            1. re: ddfry3

              St. Charles is not exactly a culinary destination. If you want GOOD food that "impresses" you, I would never send you to St. Charles. I don't mean to be snappy at all but I am just being real. You asked for St. Chuck. We're giving you St. Chuck.


          2. New in Cottleville which is in St Charles Co is Stone Soup Cottage. Awesome experience from young husband/chef wife team. They offer 4 or 6 course set menus that you can see on their web site to know if it appeals to you.
            You will feel like you are on vacation, it is so delightful.